Hello From The Other Side

Currently in Los Angeles after having just been here exactly 10 days ago. Apparently, this is how I roll now; a mainstay in Californ-i-a since I got my crew vis-a for the USA.

(K, I’m gonna end that there.)

I haven’t fully recovered from my previous trip yet, despite having flown three domestic flights in between. (I guess that’s the reason.) So this time around, I decided to just relax, stay in the hotel, and do nothing. And by nothing, I mean something productive like resuscitating this gosh darn blog and removing all the bugs that come with its inconsistent curating.

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Begin Again

Happy 2016, fellow wanderers! A new year is upon us again! You know what that means? We are given another chance to lie to ourselves and to other people that we will finally make a change! LOLZ

How was Christmas and New Year for you guys? Happy? Eventful? Fattening?

If you were to ask me, mine was a bit uneventful. Christmas Eve found me taking a flight home from Kalibo to be with le fam. We just had a simple dinner at home this time around, as opposed to our usual dinners out or partying with fambam from the mother’s side.

New Year’s Eve was pretty… fun? Different? I was in the air when the clock struck 12, flying back home from San Francisco. So I guess I could say I spent the first few minutes of New Year somewhere between Russia and Japan? LOL.

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Sunday Soupie #002

* Late upload due to… jet lag? Yeah, let’s go with that.

I am writing this while on the train to Reading (ooh, #AccidentalPun) since we have quite a lot of time to kill. My friend P and I are going on a day trip to Oxford (finally!) and will hopefully try to make our way back to Central London in time for Hillsong and Catholic mass.

With that paragraph alone, it seems I have already written the A & B for this week’s Soupie, but there is still sooooo much more to this story. So here goes!

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Happy Easter, fellow wanderers!

I’m currently in my favorite city and I would just like to share with you the awesome things that have happened today.

Lemme first say that April has definitely started off nicely. My first flight for the month took me here and it’s been nothing short of wonderful.

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London Diaries Part Une: The 3 G’s

Why, hello there, ol’ chap!

As part of my 2015 resolution (ha!), I am finally sitting down in front of my computer to try and talk about my travels to my once dream destination (and now, probably new fave city): London.

Please know that I will try my very best to not sound like a spazz and actually give real insights. But just in case I fail, umm, well, I have no legitimate reasons except I AM A NATURAL FANGIRL OKAY.

Let’s begin.


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