Life Lately | 03

I’m currently at a point in my life where US layovers have become my respite from the world.

It is here that I get to sleep whenever I want and no one can question why I do so because JET LAG and time difference. (But loljk, I don’t get jet lag.)

It is here that I have the luxury to not think of the responsibilities I have at home because they’re just where they are — at home — and if I’m not at home, there’s just no way I can do them.

It is here that I get a “restart” button of sorts. Sometimes, I burden myself with so many things to do (however unnecessary) and this is where I get to clear my head and reorganize my life; redo my to-do list.

It is here that I get to sit down and do things like pay my bills, edit vlogs, WRITE THIS BLOG, etc.

And, most importantly, it is here where I get to have a break from people. (This is especially true when I don’t have a roommate.) My new normal since 4 years ago has been this: offs are dedicated to church and social activities, while layovers are spent relaxing. The past few weekends (since March) have been filled with social activities. The coming weekend is no different. And so today, I have chosen to go into hiding. I went to the mall this morning, but that was that. I haven’t even gone out for dinner. I’m thankful the new hotel we’re at supports introverts like me. It’s beside every establishment you would ever want to go to — Starbucks, In N Out, Ralph’s, Walgreens, Chipotle, etc. Just buy what you need and you never have to leave ever again. LOL. (Would be better if they had room service, though.)

I have less than 24 hours left here in LA. Gotta make the most out of it before I have to face people again. Haha. Why am I such an introvert.

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