Window Seat Weekly #002

This week was kind of a weak week (what) for me in terms of reading and whatever, but only because I’ve been out almost every day of the week, spending time with family and friends and watching Metro Manila Film Festival movies!!!

As I’ve mentioned in my last entry, I’ve already seen Saving Sally and Die Beautiful, which are both incredible works of art. Just the other day, they held the awards night for this year’s festival, and I was so happy to know that the two main characters of Die Beautiful, Paolo Ballesteros (as Trisha) and Christian Bables (as Barbs) had bagged the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, respectively.

Here’s the trailer for that movie just to give you a clue on what it’s about:

SPOILER ALERT: it’s not a comedy. The dialogues were definitely funny, but the story itself goes so much more deeper than that. WHICH WAS TOTALLY UNEXPECTED. Well, actually, I didn’t really have any expectations going in, but I definitely did not expect to feel specific emotions that would stay with me long after the movie’s over. The story was brilliantly told, and the actors did a great job at portraying their individual roles. Three thumbs up!

Saving Sally, on the other hand, was a movie that had so much love put into it — 10 years worth of blood, sweat, and tears that you could see oozing out of every corner of the screen. The story was simple, but the graphics were all well-thought out, like they had stories of their own. I could personally empathize with the people behind this movie because coming up with something like this in the Philippine context is not a joke; you really need to have the passion (and the resources) to pull it off. I honestly think they did a splendid job and I commend them for really fighting for what they believe in, even if it took them a decade to see their hard work come to fruition. Artist life, y’all.

My fiancé, Kevin, and his fam got to watch Seklusyon — the movie that bagged the most awards this year — and they agree about the legit-ness of it all so now I kinda want to watch it too, though I dislike thrillers. (Like I seriously acted out after being forced by Kevin to watch Train To Busan. The story was nice but sitting through 118 minutes of seemingly never-ending chasing made me LEGIT. THROW. A. TANTRUM.)

But yeah, read an article that says that the MMFF previews will be extended until January 7 so I still have time to watch the other 6 movies! YAY! HURRAY FOR THE FUTURE OF PHILIPPINE CINEMA! Let’s go, friends!


As a year-ender, I would like to share this video by KHS which came out more than a week ago. It’s an awesome medley of 2016 songs and an even awesome-r video that was shot in one take.

This isn’t KHS’s first one-take video, but this one’s extra awesome just because it’s a freaking 4-minute mannequin challenge, you guys. GOTTA APPRECIATE THAT!

Happy New Year, fellow wanderers! Wishing you a great 2017 ahead! 🙂

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