Sunday Soupie #004


I got to finish Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl, finally! After literally MONTHS. It was such a struggle for me to finish, TBH. One, because of time. Two, because it was blergh as forks until at least 3/5 through. I’m not even the only one who thinks so. My colleague from work saw me reading it and she shared that she had such a hard time getting herself to finish it as well that she eventually gave up trying.

But it isn’t so bad. I mean, Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon still pretty much takes the top spot in my list of Worst Books Ever (followed by the rest of the saga, really, LOL still can’t believe I read all of them). I guess Fangirl just has a really slow start. It has a good plot kinda, but the story could have been better developed? I don’t know.

Like, I honestly didn’t see Wren’s alcohol problem coming. I mean, I love plot twists and all, but that one was just misplaced. Like, that part could have had better foreshadowing. Instead, I felt that it was just inserted to give Laura (the mom) a role in the whole thing. Make her more “human” but not really.

The jump from Cath and Wren’s artsy, cool dad to manic dad was also weird. Again, foreshadowing problem. For a novel with a subplot that’s basically an ode Harry Potter, it could have done a better job at mimicking the latter’s awesome use of foreshadowing. (But I guess only JKR can do that flawlessly. #biased)

Anyhoo, what I did like with Fangirl was the character of Levi. He reminds me someone I’m about to marry in a year. LOL. He has the best lines, which his character loves to repeat for emphasis. e.g. “Come home with me, Cath. I miss you. And I don’t want to say good night.” PLS YOU GUISE.


I had a pretty okay work week. Flew an oppressive flight last Monday, but also had two full days off after. And then flew to Abu Dhabi with an awesome set of crew. So yeah, pretty okay work week if I do say so meself. 🙂

I also got to attend worship last Tuesday and yesterday’s SE fundraiser. Also, we finally got to reserve the church for our wedding! YAY!

Saw all these people yesterday! (But that's not even half of them!)
Saw all these people yesterday! (But that’s not even half of them!)


I haven’t done a Soupie in a long time that I had to reread my last one just to get a hang of the format! WHAT! Hahahaha!

Aside from that, today at 6pm, my mom told me to pray the rosary with her and Papa. The Virgin Mary statue making rounds in our village found its way to our home so, yeah, we are now tasked to pray the rosary for a whole week or two. Which is always welcome, though — ooh, confession — something I haven’t done in years.

I remember how we used to pray the rosary at least once a week as a family when my brothers and I were mere younglings. Things changed, of course, when they started going to uni. Looking back, I kind of miss those days. The family that prays together, stays together, after all.


I just had my confession this afternoon so I’m letting go of last Monday’s oppression. I will not allow my Consistent Oppression get to me. Furthermore, I will start including Consistent Oppression in my prayers.

There is hope for you. Nothing is impossible with God.


I saw this on Facebook the other day:

One thing I learned from watching Kung Fu Panda 3 last night is that you should always do YOU. ‘Cause you were created to be great. So be great! 🙂

Have a happy Sunday, everyone! 🙂

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