October HITs (Happiness-Inducing Things) + GIVEAWAY

Back to blogging! And instead of starting off by apologizing for my absence, this time, I shall just dive right into this one! Haha. ūüėÄ

Introducing the new version of Stuff I Love. Decided to make a new series just because I’m obsessive-compulsive like that and I don’t want to continue so far away from where I left off (which was, erm, August of last year).

So here are the things that have helped make me happy (and my life much more awesome) as of late…

HELLO BEAUTIFUL Body Cream from Bath & Body Works


I bought this on¬†sale during one of my flights to Los Angeles. To be honest, I don’t really like¬†using thick lotions like this because of the Philippines’ humid weather, but lately,¬†I don’t even notice it anymore. I would go for anything that would give my skin back the moisture it loses whenever I fly, so yeah, this is perfect. The scent is fantastic¬†and lingers virtually the whole day.

Hello Beautiful’s key notes: White Gardenia, Jasmine Petals, Magnolia Blossom, Pink Nectarine, and Cotton Musk.

ban.do’s 17-Month Classic Agenda in ABSTRACT


O H M Y G O S H you guise, you have no idea how long I’ve waited for this to reach my grubby little hands!!! I bought this on a whim (not really) online and had it shipped to our hotel in San Francisco¬†in hopes that my classmate would be able to receive it on my behalf and give it to me once he gets back. But no, it took longer than that because I was too much of a cheapskate to have it express-delivered. HAHA. Good thing my other friend flew to the same destination the week after. The package arrived on the day of their departure for Manila. LIKE SRSLY Y U TORTURE ME THIS WAY. BUZZER BEATER MUCH.

But yes, it is now here, and I am so happy writing down my ideas and memories on it! (Thank you so much, J!)



I got this planner specifically because I wanted to —¬†you guessed it — start anew and try to get my life back in order. (Feels ko kasi yun talaga ang solusyon eh!¬†HAHAHA!) I actually have a 2016 planner,¬†the Moleskine I got from Starbucks, but I’ve failed spectacularly at keeping that updated. It’s filled with¬†tickets and some important church notes, though, so it wasn’t a complete waste. I still use it as a notebook.

This planner starts on¬†August 2016. I think because the market is supposed to be school-age (American) millennials… so…¬†pasok ako¬†somewhat.¬†#chos Regardless, I¬†love it. It’s so fun and vibrant and has been doing a good job at helping me out with ~wedding plans~¬†lately.

TERRANOVA Black Shoulder Bag


I’ve wanted to get on this tiny shoulder bag trend for the longest time but couldn’t find the perfect bag to fit in ALL my essentials: long wallet, alcohol, tissue, mints, and comb. But then I found this! ON SALE! It’s small but roomy and goes with my strappy open-toed sandals. Before this, I never knew I could pack light and still survive the day! #FeelingGirlScoutProblems

BEABI Electrical Case



Discovered this by accident while shopping at Beabi¬†and it has proven to be so useful! Before this, I used to place my phone charger in one pouch¬†and my GoPro accessories in another (which isn’t even good enough to protect the different back windows). Having this made me less anxious about the accessories getting crushed inside my cabin case. It has been such an unexpected gem!

Samsung Galaxy S7


I’ve had this phone for a few months¬†now, actually, but since I’m such a ~good blogger~, it’s only now that I get to talk about it.

What can I say about this phone? It’s everything Samsung promised it to be and MORE. I am so super duper happy with the camera, which was the main reason I chose this phone in the first place. (It’s also what I used to take this entry’s pictures.)

It is so much better than the (then) iPhone 6’s camera. Its low light capability is SUPERB. SUPERB, I SAY.

Unedited, non-filtered low light picture.
Unedited, non-filtered low light picture.

Here’s a list of all the other specs of the Samsung Galaxy S7. I didn’t get the Edge because I don’t want such a big phone and a screen that looks like it’s melting¬†into my hand.

Very much satisfied with this purchase, despite the non-removable battery. Hoping it will last a long time, or at least until the next great non-exploding upgrade.

Google Keep

This is a new discovery brought about by Evernote’s new policies.¬†Evernote had always been my note-taking app of choice, but recently, they have set a restriction on how many devices you can use for one (free) account. I was willing to pay for a premium account, actually, but I didn’t think the amount I was going to spend justified my use of the said app.

So anyway, in comes Google Keep. I love it because the data saves to my Google account (duh) and is accessible on a virtually unlimited number of devices. Lately, Google has been doing splendidly in merging my data and securing my phone and I really, really, really appreciate that. I love that I can access my data on my two mobile devices as well as any old desktop I decide to log in to. All this for FREE.



All the apps with the word “keep” are winners in my book right now. LOL. I can’t post a screencap of the app just because I need to keep my finances secret, but trust me when I say it is awesome! I purchased the full version for a little over 300 pesos and I don’t regret doing so even up to this day. The app’s interface is simple and intuitive and so helpful to me right now, especially as I am doing so much budgeting for, erm, upcoming events. ūüôā

So there you have it! My list of HITs for this month. Hope you get to try out these products as well and enjoy them as much as I do. ūüôā

I’d like to end this blog with a GIVEAWAY! (Wow, feeling maraming followers!) I have plans of¬†developing this site¬†again and I’d like to gather what you think about the stuff that goes on in here. In return, I’ll be giving away this Champagne & Iced Plum Shimmer Mist from Bath & Body Works!

To enter, please click this link and answer all the questions. Afterward, please share the love on your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram account by posting a link to this entry and tagging me, @flickerinflight.

And that’s it! Will¬†randomly pick the winner and announce it here by the end of this month. So please get to sharing! Thanks! ūüėÄ


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