Life Update 081016

My posts have been bordering on somber lately and so I’m here to turn that all around with a (genuinely) happy post about life as of late.

Since my last entry, I have received these blessings:

Serviam Singles Encounter Outreach

I wasn’t originally supposed to serve during the 2 days but I eventually got to because I still couldn’t bend my knee properly, and so had to extend my sick leave a few more days. This meant letting go of my JFK flight with Angela, which we specifically bid for. 🙁 I was honestly so crushed because we had such an incredible crew line-up… but then I also had to think of my health and the fact that I was definitely going to tour like crazy if I did decide to go. Ah, decisions. But anyway, this was definitely one decision I did not regret. Serving the Lord is, after all, our purpose in life.

This particular Singles Encounter weekend was a first for me because it was an outreach. Meaning, we were building a Singles Ministry outside our community — for San Pedro Calungsod Quasi-Parish in Muntinlupa, a relocation place established for the train-side dwellers along the PNR line. As their parish name suggests, they don’t have a church building yet but they do have a parish priest who holds holy mass at the covered court each week. This place was actually where we had our Evangelization activity a few months ago, and I was glad to have had the opportunity to come back and help build that ministry so hopefully the kids who joined us could be the much needed Servant Leaders of their community.

With the lean, mean SE working team. <3
With the lean, mean SE working team. <3
Praise God for the kids who answered His call. :)
Praise God for the kids who answered His call. 🙂 (Photo c/o Tita Oyie)

Below is an Instagram rundown of the events that took place during that weekend. 🙂 (Oh hey! Please follow my Instagram account! #shamelessplug)

A particular blessing I received that weekend was this: on the 2nd day, my knee did not hurt and tense up as much anymore and I could go up and down the stairs without wincing. I thank the Lord for the strength He had given me to endure that 13-hour 1st day and also the day after that. Indeed, He is a God who enables the unable and makes strong the weak. 🙂


And because I went on extended sick leave, I got to join Hogwarts Philippines in celebrating the release of J.K. Rowling’s new “book”/play script. It was fun to be able to dork out with my magical friends again, aside from get my grubby hands on a copy of the newest Harry Potter “installment”.



I’m already done reading the book but will save my thoughts for a separate entry. Hope you’ve done your part already so we can discuss. Hihi.

The Ultimate Miracle

So yeah, if you’ve been following my entries, I mentioned that I had a tumor on my left knee. I also mentioned that it was malignant. To truly confirm, though, what the cells were made up of and so we could assess what treatment to go with, we had to have a few more tests (or “staining”) done. So we got the tissue samples from UST and transferred it to PGH to have the stains made (since it was cheaper there).

PGH said they had to review the slides again ’cause there was a possibility that the other stains would not be necessary anymore. The girl at the department said that the pathologist handling and reviewing the slides was a certified bone pathologist so he might have a different reading.

Guess what? He did have a different reading. What was supposed to be lymphoma metastasis was, in fact, a giant cell tumor. Which is BENIGN.

Until now, retelling this story, I still have no clue how to properly put into words just how great and wonderful and loving our God really is! I had already accepted and surrendered myself to Him that I did not even think of bargaining with Him that He turn the pathology results around. No, no, not at all. So imagine how much of a slap on the face it was when that incredible event happened to me. It was like God was saying, “Oh, Abby, did I not already tell you how much I love and care for you? I will not allow any more harm to befall you. I am a God of miracles.”

Yes, Lord, You are. <3

July was truly a month of learning. I battled with myself internally over what was happening and why it had to happen again. What was the purpose? What did God have planned for me? Why now, when I’m preparing for something important? Also, did He not promise not to harm me?

Thinking about it now, I guess it still has something to do with my willingness to surrender. I claim to trust God but I resist some of the things that are happening to me. I claim to have faith but sometimes fail to believe and OWN the fact that with God, nothing is impossible. So yeah, there it is — the reminder that everything is possible with Him. Nahiya ako ng slight sa sarili ko. Ye of little faith. 😥

Anyway, although the tumor is benign, it still needs to be removed and we are now taking measures in order to prepare for the impending surgery (which will hopefully happen in November). Please continue including me in your prayers. Kahit mention lang kay Lord para makulitan Siya ng konti. 😀

For now, I am back to flying (slightly against the flight surgeon’s will). My ortho said I could fly (though this is also against his better judgment) but I have to practice extra care so no unintended force would be placed on my knee. So far, God has been so great, replacing my feared stressful flights with easy ones without me even asking. Ang galing, galing, galing talaga ni Lord! He really makes things work for the good of those who love Him. 🙂

Thanks for wasting your time with me. LOL. Always take care of yourself and ask for God’s protecting power as your start your day. 🙂 God bless you always!

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