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Rollercoaster. Life has definitely been a rollercoaster lately. The nauseating (literally) but thrilling kind. Let’s get right to it in 3… 2… 1…


You guys, after 10 months, I finally got the chance to go back to London!!!

Thanks to a new rostering system devised by our company’s scheduling division, we can finally look forward to at least one flight of our liking for the month. For October, I bid London (well, obviously) for me and my classmate, Angela. I was all, “Angela, I know you hate flying to London, but you have no choice. We need to fangirl.”


Look at those genuine smiles, yo!
Look at those genuine smiles, yo!

This was us at our first stop: House of MinaLima, with none other than Miraphora Mina herself!!! WTH!!! WHAT ARE THE ODDS, RIGHT!!!

I’m planning to make a separate post about this in a few days’ time (I promise) but omg, even after a month, I’m still reeling from that chance encounter. I read an article somewhere that said you could actually catch the artists at the shop at times. BUT TO ACTUALLY BE THERE AT THE RIGHT TIME. WHAT. Isang kembot nalang parang si JKR na kausap mo eh. (And we did talk about her, haha.)

I am such a fan of their works! Basically all the artwork in the Harry Potter movies were created by her and Eduardo Lima and 3 (or 5? forgot) graphic assistants. If you have a copy of the Film Wizardry book, they were the ones who made the stuff in there. ARE THEY AWESOME OR WHAT???

Aside from that, we also went to three other Potter-y places in London. I had the best time in the company of a fellow dork. LOL. MORE ON THAT SOON.

Look at this wall, isn't it neat?
Look at this wall, isn’t it neat?


Tried to cram a few wedding errands on my last days as a healthy, mobile person (expounding on that in a bit). Finally visited some gown designers, booked my make-up artist, booked our techrider, and checked out hotels.

This was me at one of the bridal gown rental places, trying out a ball gown. THINGS JUST ESCALATED REALLY QUICKLY, YOU GUISE. IT’S GETTING REAL.

We still haven’t decided on our hotel. Who knew there was so much to consider in choosing a place to stay? Aside from pricing, there’s also the floor area and the lighting! ‘Cause I mean, ya just can’t have bad lighting for your photos and ya gots to allot a good amount of space for the wedding gown. I gotchu, photogs. LOL.


If you’ve been following this blog for a while, a few entries back, I mentioned that I had a giant cell tumor growing on my left knee. It’s a benign tumor, and time had finally come for it to be removed.

I was admitted into PGH last November 12, had my operation November 14. I basically had two whole days of no IV (yay). My doctor wanted me to get admitted early in order to minimize stress pre-op. My fiancé kept me company during the first 2 days (thank you very much, I love you), and my mom from the 2nd day onwards.

The operation went well, according to my doctor, when he visited the day after. Add the fact that I didn’t develop any fevers post-op. See, after removing the tumor, they had to do an allograft to fill in the empty space. So basically, I have someone else’s femoral bone inside my body. And my body could reject this foreign object, but it didn’t so… Cool, huh? SCIENCE. (Also, thank You, Lord.)

The next couple of days were the worst, though. I had two doses of morphine injected post-op to supposedly numb the pain on my knee. Not only was that unnecessary (the surgery site did not hurt as bad post-op; normal painkillers would have done the job), it was also unbearable. It made me 10000000% nauseous and prevented me from eating for 40 hours. I REPEAT: FORTY. FREAKING. HOURS. I still had two doses left but I was like, “PLEASE, NO MORE.” So they stopped administering it and just monitored my condition every 12 hours. MORPHINE WAS UNNECESSARY, I TELL YOU.

I stayed in the hospital 3 more days, got out November 17. My appetite had returned late November 15 when I had finally hurled out all the anaesthesia (or at least I thought I had). November 16, they finally removed the epidural catheter (MY GOSH YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW UNCOMFORTABLE THAT CHIZZ WAS). A few hours after, they removed the other catheter. Just. Ugh. EVERYTHING WAS SO INVASIVE, I HATED IT.

Anyway, the day of my release, I stood up fully for the first time and experienced a sort of dull headache. This went on for 4 more days afterwards. Apparently, when you lie in bed for a few days, your blood pressure goes haywire when you finally get up, and the blood doesn’t reach your brain. Therefore, headache with bouts of nausea. Read up on postural hypotension, guys. Learned so much last week.

Praise God, though, for I am well now. I’ve seen my new scar and it isn’t pretty. It’s as long as my index finger and goes well beyond my kneecaps. But, aside from that, at least I don’t have a benign yet AGGRESSIVE tumor to worry about anymore.

My orthopedic surgeon is pretty great (no, seriously, he’s like the Stephen Strange of orthopedic oncology). I consulted with him last Friday and asked how he attached the bone graft. He said he just shaped the allografts in such a way that they’re just wedged inside the bone; no pins, plates, screws, wires, or cables used whatsoever. “It will be better for you in the long run,” says he. Well, yeah, the less foreign objects inside of me the better. Thanks, doc, you da best.

My best friend for the next few weeks.

Won’t be able to walk for 4 more weeks. Currently using crutches and a wheelchair to get around. Hopefully, on our next consultation, my doctor will be like, “Oh, you’re okay to put full weight on your left leg now.” YAS. Please pray for me.

For now, I’d like to thank those who prayed and are continuously praying for me. Thank you so much. Your well-wishes and daily whispers to God have helped get me where I am right now. Thank you to my future fam-in-law and my best friend, Trish, for visiting me at the hospital. You all made my stay there much more bearable.

Last but definitely not least, thank You, Lord. Thank You for blessing the hands of the medical team that attended to me. Thank You for such a wonderful support system. Thank You for the financial provisions. Thank You for making me stronger each and every day. Thank You for Your love that never fails and your mercy which endures forever.

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