Hello From The Other Side

Currently in Los Angeles after having just been here exactly 10 days ago. Apparently, this is how I roll now; a mainstay in Californ-i-a since I got my crew vis-a for the USA.

(K, I’m gonna end that there.)

I haven’t fully recovered from my previous trip yet, despite having flown three domestic flights in between. (I guess that’s the reason.) So this time around, I decided to just relax, stay in the hotel, and do nothing. And by nothing, I mean something productive like resuscitating this gosh darn blog and removing all the bugs that come with its inconsistent curating.

MJS x Bandroom Productions

I discussed this in passing in one of my previous blogs. We were invited by R and J to hold our first gig everrr at Staple & Perk Bakery last February. It was such a joy to be able to perform again, and with my closest friends at that!

HELLO! (Photo c/o of Bandroom Productions)

We sang a bunch of songs; mostly our staple pop/folk tunes…


Sometimes our feelingera Broadway ones…

(As you can see, we have the best spiels ever. LOL.)

It was a really great experience. Thank you so much, Bandroom Productions, for the opportunity! Thank you, bandmates (NAKS!) for taking the time to practice and make this a reality!

Thank you, family and friends who supported us! <3
Thank you, family and friends who supported us! <3 (Photo c/o A)

Sa uulitin!


I’m not sure if I got to discuss this in depth but in my church community, we go through a series of teachings and ministries that help us learn more about God, His word, and how to grow as servant leaders. Each year, there is a graduation of sorts from one ministry to another. Discipling is the fourth and final stage before “Covenanting” and I’m happy to say that after four years, and because of God’s grace, I am finally a Covenanted member of our community! Quite vague, I know, but this is a good thing!

It has been my goal since joining community to be covenanted. Before, though, I didn’t understand what covenanting entailed, just that I really wanted to serve the Lord through song. I knew the only way to get into the Praise Ministry was to go through what we called the “formation process”, which ended in Covenanting. So I did that. Funny thing is that at some point, the line was blurred in having Covenanting as prerequisite to joining Praise. So I am currently part of Praise as an aspirant. Not sure yet if I’m now legit. I pray I will be. Huu.

Anyway, what an awesome experience! I’m not sure what ministry I’ll be joining or helping out at after this but I’m honestly excited for what lies ahead and all the new things I’ll be learning. What I can say is that I am truly grateful to everyone who helped us along this spiritual journey. It’s hard to completely surrender everything to Someone you do not see, but so many experiences have taught me that this is actually possible, and that you don’t have to see to believe. God is all around us and His love knows no bounds.

Hello to my shepherds and my co-lamb. <3
Hello to my shepherds and my co-lamb. <3

Singles Encounter #14

Speaking of experiences, this was definitely one where I felt God’s love all around me. This year’s weekend was a true test of faith and service and I was really touched to see the people around me emanating just that.

Praise God for a bountiful harvest! Looking forward to the next! 🙂

Hello to our new graduates! <3
Hello to our new graduates! <3

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This was what I did last week in LA with my closest work friends. There is so much I want to say but I just don’t have enough energy to say it at the moment. LOL. What I can say, though, is that it is every Potterhead’s dream come true! There are only 2 rides and 2 other attractions at present, but it was already so worth it that we saw ourselves in that part of the park at almost all points during the day! And man, we stayed in that park for 15 straight hours.

During that time, we got off the train…


Toured the Castle…


Met Hogwarts’ Frog Choir…


Made friends with Beauxbatons and Durmstrang…


And got mesmerized by Mandrakes…


We also went to other parts of the park. Promise. I even saw Spongebob!


Plus Scooby and Shaggy!


We had the best time ever. Planning more layovers with these people soon! ♥

In the meantime, gotta go get off the hotel’s computer. I keep pretending to type whenever someone enters the lounge door so they wouldn’t be so shocked that there’s a person hanging out in the corner. LOL.

Will try to change my layout when I get back. Sorry for the icky viewing for now.

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