FANGIRL FRIDAY: A Very Potter-y London Trip

I said I would post about our visit to the House of MinaLima sooooo here it is!

… in video form yet again because I am lazy like that. LOL.

Last October 18, Angela and I went around London to go on a Harry Potter spazz-fest. We visited these Harry Potter-y spots:


The only thing was that we didn’t get to watch Harry Potter & the Cursed Child ’cause I made a mistake in bidding so we flew in on the wrong day. So we just took pictures outside the theatre. LOL. But no regrets, ’cause Angela hasn’t gone to Leavesden yet so I brought her there and we had a blast!!! (Planning to make a separate vlog on my past visits to WB Studio soon!)

Miraphora Mina was so nice! Our short chat saw me babbling like an idiot about how I love her works and how I bought all the supplementary books, especially the Film Wizardry one which they designed. Then I asked, “Isn’t this pop-up (House of MinaLima) just supposed to be a pop-up?” And she went on saying that there was just too much traffic for it to just be a pop-up so it’s going to be up for a bit longer.

Then we went on talking about Fantastic Beasts. It just so happened that the news about it being a 5-part movie came out just a few days before and I was like, “I heard Fantastic Beasts is going to be a 5-part movie.” And she was like, “I know! Initially, Jo said it was only going to be in three parts and now, five, wow!” “More work for you!” “I know! *feigning an omg I’m going to be so tired expression*” (Angela rolls her eyes in the corner, as she’d kill to have Mina’s job lol.)

So there. Layover well spent, if I do say so meself. Credits to Angela for some of the pictures. 🙂

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