Day 9 & 10: Christmas Blog Series

2016 Christmas Blog Series

Again with these 2-in-1s. But no regrets, ’cause I got to watch Rogue One yesterday and it was brilliant!!! (This, coming from a non-Star Wars fan.) The story is supposed to take place between Episodes 3 & 4 and wow, did they link it to Episodes 3 & 4. Ah basta, watch it!!!

On to the questions! 😀

What made you realize the truth about Santa?

I forgot if TV spoiling it for me came first or that I noticed that “Santa’s” handwriting looked a bit like my brother’s. It was probably TV and then I started becoming skeptical. I was 9 years old then and “Santa” left a handwritten letter for me in my Christmas stocking, along with a red Hello Kitty camera (omg!!!). I forgot what was written on it. Probably like, “Please stop fighting with your brothers” or something so I was like, WHY WOULD HE WRITE THAT HUH??? IT’S MY BROTHERS WHO FIGHT WITH ME. I’M THE NICEST KID IN TOWN. LOL.

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you since last Christmas?

I would have to say getting engaged to this fella over here —

My first and last boyfriend, you guise. Looking forward to an even better New Year with him. 🙂

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