Day 5: Christmas Blog Series

2016 Christmas Blog Series

What are your favorite foods to eat during the holiday season?

This is also a toughie, as the subject of food rarely excites me. Unless it’s dessert. LOL. But also, what dishes are unique to Christmas alone that aren’t usually found in other Filipino festivities? Nothing.

I guess my favorites would have to be the classic hamon, lechon, and chocolate crinkles. So basically, all them fatty things. HAHA.

My Kuya Jan used to cook hamon in a super yummy way. He would coat the ham in sugar and do whatever other sorcery he used to do, and the ham would come out spectacular.

The perfect lechon for me would have to be when the skin is ultra crispy, and the meat inside is super soft. Cebu lechon is also nice with its spices and all, but probably not one I’d like to have for Christmas. That’s best saved for everyday lamon. Break muna tayo, Cebu lechon. LOL.

Chocolate crinkles were first introduced to me when I was like, in middle school. My cousin used to buy crinkles from our village bakeshop called Cottage House. The crinkles would come in glass bottles with holiday Peanuts designs. We got that as present for a few years in a row so I really looked forward to getting one each year. Until the gifts changed.

I honestly thought crinkles were solely made for the Christmas season. You know, ’cause they’re called crinkles. Kris Crinkles. Get it. WHATEVER, I HAD A CREATIVE MIND AS A CHILD, OKAY. Realized my whole life was a lie when I saw crinkles being sold in our school cafeteria all year round about two years later. But yeah, I still love them. And they still make me feel warm and fuzzy inside whenever I eat them during the holiday season.

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