Begin Again

Happy 2016, fellow wanderers! A new year is upon us again! You know what that means? We are given another chance to lie to ourselves and to other people that we will finally make a change! LOLZ

How was Christmas and New Year for you guys? Happy? Eventful? Fattening?

If you were to ask me, mine was a bit uneventful. Christmas Eve found me taking a flight home from Kalibo to be with le fam. We just had a simple dinner at home this time around, as opposed to our usual dinners out or partying with fambam from the mother’s side.

New Year’s Eve was pretty… fun? Different? I was in the air when the clock struck 12, flying back home from San Francisco. So I guess I could say I spent the first few minutes of New Year somewhere between Russia and Japan? LOL.

Anyway, like I said, it was pretty fun. At exactly 12AM Manila time, Captain announced through the PA that it was already 2016 in the Philippines. Us FAs then started going around greeting everyone a Happy New Year and pouring white wine into glasses so the passengers could go and toast with one another. Then all of us (cabin crew) took pictures together and started doing our own “toasts”, thanking each other for the flight that was and the blessings that were. It was fun. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Hihi.

The NYE Crew 🙂

Surprisingly, that flight was a nice close to 2015. A week prior to that, I found myself facing a lot of disappointments. On Christmas Day, especially, I cried buckets of tears because apart from Jesus’ birth, everything else just seemed to be going wrong!!! I kept telling myself that that day was not about me but about Jesus, but I really just couldn’t shake off the feeling. I was unhappy. I was legit being oppressed.

But, as is the character of God, He does not allow His beloved ones to be sad for a very long time. Before the day ended, things started looking up.

Awesome things that happened:

Got to record a song with Popoy; our offering to Baby Jesus. 🙂

Had a (sort of) impromptu staycation with friends at Acacia Hotel the day after Christmas. We didn’t get to do our usual eve-before-Christmas-Eve (AKA Gab’s birthday) tradition this year since a lot of us were busy, so it was a good thing that all of us were free that specific day. We only talked about meeting up when we were already greeting each other Merry Christmas on Facebook!

Ka.Mo.T.E. crew at Acacia!

Went to Enchanted Kingdom with Serviam friends the day after that. (Jampacked much?!) I only went home to take a bath and ended up going back to the area near the hotel ’cause that was where my church friends and I were going to meet up. Heard mass first then went on our merry little way to Laguna, under the burning heat of the noontime sun.

At Enchanted with church frands!


The 28th was when I left for San Francisco. My weekend was so full (thank You, God) that the only time I got to unpack my things from my Incheon layover was when I was already packing for my SanFo layover. Whut.

In 2016, I resolve to try not to spread myself out too thinly. Whut #2.

Funny enough, in relation to this, one of the topics in my Bible Plan Fighting FOMO was this —

It’s a Friday night, and you’re planning on chilling and watching Netflix. Just you and your TV. None of your friends have texted you to hang out, but that’s cool. You didn’t feel like hanging anyway.

You pull out your phone and start scrolling through Instagram. Wait, what’s this? Some people went pool-jumping next door? And what about the group who went to the last One Direction concert ever? Why is everyone having so much fun? What’s wrong with you?


We get it. No one wants to miss out on fun. According to your social media, someone always seems to be sky-diving into a Kanye concert. Meanwhile, you’re doing something pretty average—like eating.

The truth is that most of us are more concerned with looking like we’re having fun than actually having fun. We’re afraid of our lives looking normal, so we filter and edit and post the days away to make everyone think our lives are “OMG, SO MUCH FUN.”

Now the big question: Is it possible to follow Jesus and have fun? Even crazier—is following Jesus more fun? Let’s scroll through the Bible real quick. We will use a “Before Jesus” and “After Jesus” filter:

Before: Shepherd and annoying little brother
After: Killed a giant and became king (1 Samuel 17:45-50)

Before: Semi-spoiled little child king
After: Became the wisest and richest man who ever lived (2 Chronicles 1:11-12)

Before: Fisherman
After: Walked on water and lead a church movement (Matthew 14:29)

Before: Murdered Christians
After: Church leader and walked right out of a guarded prison—TWICE (Acts 12:6-10, Acts 16:25-26)

These guys (and so many more) realized that the fun they had been searching for could only be found in a life lived with and for Jesus. You want some REAL fun? You want Jesus.

Similar to 2014, admittedly, I feel like I am once again flying farther and farther away from God, despite my supposedly being physically closer to Him while up in the sky. I probably should remind myself that this is just me being completely conscious of my faith but somehow, I also feel a bit different. I find myself cursing again out of sheer emotion. I don’t pray as thoroughly as I used to. I’m once again too sensitive… basically, my spirit has not been healthy.

I’m off to a pretty good start with my prayer time this year, though. Been using my new planner to log verses and prayers. And since I’ve made it a point to document more this year (just like when I was in college!), hopefully I’ll do well in keeping my prayer promises too.

Other things I’ve decided to do this year:
– Exercise at least once a week (being realistic here!)
– Limit drinks to water, tea, and coffee
– Only have dessert 2 days in a week
– Read a book/record a song/learn a recipe/blog at least once a month.

I read that if you put your resolutions out there, you have a better chance of achieving them ’cause then they don’t fall under out of sight, out of mind. Wish me luck.

Here’s to more adventures and creativity in 2016. God bless all of us. 🙂

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