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My friend, M, is coming back home from Singapore and is, apparently, making his trip worthwhile by doing this fundraiser along with his bestest friend in the whole wide world, J.

Since I’m more active here on the interwebs than I am in real life, I’d like to share with you their project (a.k.a. suicide mission) in hopes that you could support it as well. 🙂


Good day folks! I’m Mark, an OFW based in Singapore. With me is my good friend Jeion Paguio. We are die-hard cycling fanatics.
We literally start and end the day on our bikes! Coincidentally, we are also supporters of Bikes for the Philippines and since we have vacation leaves to spare, we’ve decided to do something worthwhile with them.

From November 8-12, Jeion and I will be attempting to ride our bicycles from Manila to Vigan and back for the benefit of BfP beneficiaries. Through this exercise, we aim to raise enough funds to provide bikes to a community BfP will be supporting in the future. Our generous sponsors from, Tribu Multisport, and anonymous supporters have pledged more than Php 50,000 in support of this effort! But we’re not stopping there. We are also seeking your support. Together, we could do more for these kids!

If you pledge your support for least Php 500 (SGD 15), we will provide you with a limited edition BfP fundraiser shirt! The shirt is made of dri-fit material and will be perfect for your own rides! To know more about how you can get hold of this shirt, please read the guidelines below:

Step 1: Submit your pledge!

You will get a limited edition BfP fundraiser shirt for each Php 500 (SGD 15) pledge made. For example, if you pledge Php 2500 (SGD 75), you will get 5 shirts!

You may submit your pledge to the following accounts:

Singapore: Mark Carandang POSB Savings 248623675

Philippines: Jermaine Avion Paguio BPI Savings 1419026782 BPI EGI Torre Lorenzo


Step 2: Reserve your shirt!

Go to this site:

Fill out the form to reserve your shirt.

If you are ordering shirts of different sizes and colors, you may have to fill out the form more than once. Just use the same transaction details for all the forms and please notify us through the notes text box.

Step 3: Claim your shirt!

Once we have reached our order limit, we shall have the shirts printed immediately. We will notify you of the distribution procedures once the shirts have been printed at around late December. I will be in charge of Singapore orders, while Jeion will be in charge of Philippine orders.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope to carry your pledges of support as we embark in this endeavor together!

Supporting the Filipino youth, one bicycle at a time.

Sincerely yours,
Mark Carandang

~ From FB

Let’s support this cause by donating and/or spreading the word, you guys! 500 pesos here and a little tweet or FB share there (plus a whole lotta prayers!) can do wonders in making other people’s lives a little bit easier to live in!

For more information about Bikes for the Philippines, visit their website at 🙂

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