Abby The Free Elf

“Company has given Abby her schedule! Abby is freeeee!”


Arrived from Abu Dhabi yesterday morning and am officially enjoying Day 1 of 25 of my (forced) vacation leave. I’m actually still not sure how to take this news. On one hand, SO MUCH FREE TIME! On the other, so less moneyz. Hahahuhu.

The past few days, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my schedule; whether to exchange some of my days off or use them to travel to someplace nice. Like a real tourist. I’ve already offered to exchange 2 of my days off to gain 8 more flying hours. So far, no reply. If I don’t get one before the deadline of exchanges, I’m thinking, meh, I’ll probably just stick with my printed schedule and enjoy it to its fullest.

I’m such a weirdo. A few months ago, I got so burnt out that I cried. And now my schedule is wide open and all I could think about is how to fit in more flying hours. WTH. But I guess it’s just because I wasn’t prepared for such a huge drop in productivity.


I now have so many ideas in my head! I’m inspired to make videos, record songs, write more blog entries, read more books, etc! It’s #bumlife2012 all over again and I’m just so excited! HAHAHA!

Any suggestions on how to make the most outta this bum life? Book/movie/blog suggestions? Places I can travel to without a visa? Places in the PH? (I want to go parasailing!) Do leave a comment below!

Gee! What a way to end 2015! 🙂

Planning to talk about my recent trip to AUH soon. Stay tuned! 🙂

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