I really don’t know how I’m going to start this without sounding repetitive (and possibly apologetic) but HELLO! ALOHA! MABUHAY! BONJOUR! I AM BACK!

It’s been a long, LONG while since my last blog. To be fair to myself, November 6 wasn’t actually my last entry. I had a series of (quite reflective!) entries at the start of 2014, but they were, unfortunately, deleted when my site was reverted to a restore point due to, err, evil forces on the interwebs attacking my domain.

But yeah, I am back! (How many times do I have to say this in a year?) I finally got the time to visit my slightly abandoned, slightly cobwebbed space on the… web. #WHAT I actually forgot my password and it’s only now that I found out how wonky this site has become in my absence. 12 new plug-in updates, links to posts returning a 404 error, etc. My gosh. This site has basically been a vegetable all this time! Felt like I had allowed part of my life to fall to pieces. (Wow, over-acting much!)

Anyway, I guess it’s time for an update? I’ll try to keep this post as short and concise (hey-o, new favorite song alert!). Here are 5 lessons I learned the past 5 months:

1) God makes all things beautiful in His time.

My November 6 entry had a footnote about things finally being on track. Let’s just say that all the tears that I cried in silence last year have finally turned into tears of joy. Let’s also say that this happened:


2) God is TOO GREAT and gracious.


My classmates and I have gone through a whole lot and still came out 18 strong! On the day of our licensing (LICENSED! HEYYYYY!), we found out that our country’s aviation industry had finally gone up to Category 1! The implications of this? Hello again, Broadway! Make sure to plan your trip with us now! LOL.

3) God has blessed me with the bestest, realest friends.


Been clingy with these girls since P’s rainbow sleepover party. Just a few of the many real friends I have, TBH, but probably the most important to me right now because, duh, an impromptu cry sesh at Family Mart sooo merits that distinction. Hahaha!

4) Without HIM, I am nothing.

Although I knew what I was getting into by choosing this path, I didn’t think my faith would be tested this much. My prayer time had, unfortunately, been cut down considerably and my schedule the past weeks has hindered me from attending most community events. I was very glad, then, to have been given the opportunity to praise Him in the few activities I was allowed to attend. I really am very grateful to the Lord; He has done so much for me. And truly, without Him, I am nothing. That’s the one line that’s been consistent in my prayers since I started training. A daily reminder that all the things I do are for His glory. <3

Without them, also, life is incomplete.

5) You attract what you give out.

In this case, happiness. When you view something with optimism, you will always get good results. I’ve had so many encounters with oppressions the past few months, but knowing that they were all given to make me stronger and also that God always had my back, I just went MEH! and moved on. 🙂

Probably unrelated story: Yesterday, I was so super hyper ’cause it was the first time I was seeing my Serviam-mates again after almost a month! I kept hugging them and clinging to them and talking to them and just UGH! HAPPINESS OVERLOAD! Seriously felt the spirit within me that day (also because it was a healing mass!). One of my friends said I was so “vibrant”. Very much welcome comment. LOL.

(K sorry I was just so happy I felt like I had to share that.)

ANYWAY! How have you been, my fellow wanderers? It’s been so loooong! I hope life’s been awesome with you too! Leaving you with this song we recorded last December. Pretty apt. 😀

Till the next entry!

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