Wicked Wednesday

So so so so SO. I. Have been obsessing. Over Wicked lately. For so many different reasons.

1. Megan Hilty as Glinda, and her version of Popular. Guys, please. You just can’t NOT love this. (Yes, this calls for a double negative.)

2. These #FlyGirl episodes by Lindsay Mendez (a.k.a. Broadway’s current Elphaba). The last episode of the series was just uploaded by broadway.com a few days ago and now I’m a sad muffin ’cause I’ve learned so much about the people behind it, the work they put into it, and how the cast and crew got to where they are now and just. Why does everything have to end (cough Smash cough — hey, Lindsay appeared there too! :D).

I also super duper love Lindsay Mendez’s enthusiasm. There’s nothing more admirable than someone who is so passionate about his/her craft. It’s just so inspiring. :3 Thank you for letting us fly with you, Lindsay!

3. Wicked mania here in the Philippines over last month’s announcement that the hit musical is finally coming to Manila. I had already seen two big-ass billboards on my way to the business district the other day and it’s kinda cray. The purist in me says I should just wait to go back to New York to see it, but the cray Wicked fangirl in me says I should just TOTALLY GO FOR IT. But alas, I don’t have extra funds for that just yet. But we’ll see. I’m optimistic that September will be the month. 😀


4. Last, but not least, this viral video of Kristin Chenoweth singing For Good with a random audience member at her Hollywood Bowl concert. The full story can be found over here but basically, she randomly picked out this girl, Sarah, from the audience, didn’t know she could actually sing, and well, got the shock of a lifetime.

I GOT SO MANY GOOSEBUMPS WATCHING THIS. I JUST CAN’T PLEASE. Dreaming of the day I get to experience this myself with Kristin or, say, Megan Hilty? Idina Menzel? Lindsay Mendez? Lea Salonga? Please, pretty please, with sprinkles on top? 😀

Sigh. And because I got so many feels watching the video (I’ve been watching it everyday since I found it, BTW), I was inspired to record this (a.k.a. my pathetic attempt at channeling my inner Elphaba):

Hope you’re having a very Wicked Wednesday! TTFN! 😀

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  1. I’m just as hyped about this!! If I need to I’m defying gravity to get me a ticket.

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