TRAVEL TUESDAY: #VXSafetyDance #PALnonstopLondon

I am coming out from my unintentional blogging hiatus to bring you this week’s spazz-worthy travel news!

A few days ago, Virgin America came out with this awesome new safety video:

Why I think this is effective:

★ Music can always help grab people’s attention. Plus points if the song’s catchy. More points if you include awesome dancing.

★ Seriously, though, that chorus is CATCHY. I’m still singing it right now. @_@

★ Frequent flyers often overlook safety videos since they think they already know chizz. First-time flyers, on the other hand, may view this with anxiety (like a ride at Magic Mountain, but 35,000 feet in the air). It’s good to be informed or reminded every now and then. It’s a win-win ’cause you’re also entertained in the process. 🙂

★ They made a good call in getting the kids to rap/explain the oxygen & smoking parts ’cause those are usually ones that people glaze over (by people, I really mean me, LOL).

★ Equally effective is the robot rap/dance ’cause then you actually pay attention to how a life vest is worn and inflated.

★ I love the choreo and blocking, especially for the latter part. Gave me chills. 😀

AND I found out, by watching this video, that it was actually directed by Jon M. Chu (of Step Up and LXD fame). Yep. Now I get it.

Philippine Airlines came out with an entertaining safety video a few years ago, too. I wonder if they’re going to change it again, now that they’ve come out with new uniforms for the FAs?

Oh, wait, did you know? They changed their uniforms from beige to blue just yesterday, in line with their new route to — wait for it — LONDON. @_@ YES. THE LAND OF TEA, CRUMPETS, HARRY POTTER, SHERLOCK HOLMES, DOCTOR WHO, J.K. ROWLING, DANIEL RADCLIFFE, EMMA WATSON, BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH, TOM HIDDLESTON, AND MANY, MANY MORE.

I’m sorry, wait, let me take a moment to catch my breath. Here be pictures to look at while I do so:

Source: ourawesomeplanet
Source: ourawesomeplanet
Source: ourawesomeplanet
Source: ourawesomeplanet

OMG I JUST CAN’T TAKE THIS, OKAY? I have been wanting to go to London since 2001 but couldn’t, since PAL closed all their flights to Europe a few years prior. BUT NOW THIS? THIIIIISSSSS. MY HEART IS DOING SO MANY CARTWHEELS. My London 2015 adventure with friends is slowly becoming a reality! Mewmewmewmew. BRB crying.

So, anyway, yeah. These were worth spazzing about. Planning to book soon? Take me with you, please. HAHAHAHA.

Oh, travel. My heart longs for thee. ♥

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