The Blessed Weekend That Was

Last June 14 and 15, our community, the Serviam Catholic Charismatic Community, held its first ever conference at the SMX Convention Center entitled: Servant Leadership in the Year of Faith.

This is a big deal for us because it’s our first big event as a community, which we did on our 10th year anniversary, and on the Year of Faith, no less!

Ribbon cutting!
Ribbon cutting!

I originally did not plan on attending, to be quite honest. The first time this was announced in one of our gatherings, I was already set to go on a trip to Cebu with my girlfriends. As the date drew nearer, though, plans fell through, leaving me with a wide-open schedule. I guess that was God’s way of saying, “Was that exhortation zealous enough for you?” #insidejoke

Anyway, I was part of the registration team along with my other Singles Ministry friends; I was assigned to handle one of the Walk-In Registration booths. The first hour was crazy! Once the booths had been set up, people just came in throngs! (Praise God!) It took a few minutes for and I to get the hang of our responsibilities, but once we did, everything else just ran smoothly from there. A lot of unexpected things happened as well, which made things extra fulfilling, knowing we got to accomplish them with such precision and grace (and a bit of obsessive-compulsiveness, LOL). I guess that was the Spirit working within us. 😀

Hi Barbs!
Hi B!
Le booth of life!
Le awesome Registration Committee
Le awesome Registration Committee. T and I were too blergh to look up. :))

For the first day of conference, our speakers were Bishop Pablo Virgilio David, Bishop Broderick Pabillo, Msgr. Gerardo Santos, and Selene Yu. They talked about Jesus as our Model Servant Leader, Servant Leadership According to Scripture and in Church Traditions, and Servant Leadership in the Workplace, respectively.

On the second day, we had Cardinal Tagle, Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban, Tita Bai delos Reyes, Frank Padilla, and Sr. Consolata Manding, FSP, who talked about Servant Leadership in the Year of Faith and Postmodern Times; and The Servant Leader as Worshipper, in the New Evangelization, and as a Social Communicator.

I didn’t get to listen to the talks on the first day ’cause I had to be at the registration booth, but I was told that the speakers then were all so charismatic (but then again, so were all the speakers on the 2nd day! o_o). We were told about Selene Yu’s talk, though, and how it was relevant to the youth especially, seeing as we are still in the early stages of renewal. I feel kind of bad for not getting to hear it but they’re coming out with a CD copy of the whole conference so *fingers crossed*. 🙂

What I did get to hear was Cardinal Tagle’s talk. He wasn’t actually at the conference, though his spirit was. LOL that sounds so freaky, but only because his talk was in video form ’cause he had to be in Rome at the time of the conference.


Even in video form, he was still equally charismatic! I haven’t exactly been in the loop with regards to new appointments in the Catholic Church, so I didn’t really know much about him. Just that one news where people were rooting for him to become the new Pope. On the first few minutes of his talk alone, though, I got goosebumps all over (which lasted longer than they probably should have). I mean, wow. Just, wow. His presence just commands attention! It actually got me thinking what my reaction would be like if I had met Jesus in person, given that one of His ordained already gave off that… vibe. o_o Brr.

Anyway, I got some of these points off his talk:

  • Being a servant meant being available to, and fostering a personal relationship with The One who sent you.
  • Servant Leadership must be about self-emptying humility and not self-promotion.
  • We should discern the will of God; seek His will and not the position.
  • Greatness is measured by how well we have served.
  • There are risks involved in serving others and we must be willing to take those risks.


I liked all the anecdotes he shared in relation to these points. Really made me understand the difference between plain leadership and servant leadership. So blessed to have heard this talk. I hope we have him as guest in another event soon. Or in one of our Eucharistic Celebrations, perhaps. 🙂

Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban leading worship after his talk.

I heard Chief Justice Panganiban’s talk too, and I was very much inspired by his story. He had gone through so many hurdles before reaching his current state. It was encouraging to know God’s influence in his life, especially when it came to his decision-making. Like what Cardinal Tagle mentioned, discerning God’s will instead of our own should ultimately be our aim. In CJ Panganiban’s case, this discerning led him to things far greater than what he had even imagined. You honestly can never lose with God. o_o


We were blessed with the attendance of almost a thousand participants (or did we already surpass that?).


Who knew we had registered that much people already? I was seriously shocked when I entered the function room and saw all those people there. Great job, everyone! I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to serve with you! 😀

Let's go, Serviam. :D
The members of Serviam Catholic Charismatic Community 🙂

Aaaaand here are some outtakes with my awesome Singles Ministry friends. 😀

AT Sessionistas Assemble! XD
AT Sessionistas Assemble! XD
Yes I did!
Yes I did!
Yes, guys, this happened. I'm officially a #mowdel. LOL.
Yes, guys, this happened. I’m officially a #mowdel. LOL.
So it started with just one picture… and ended with five. CRAY VAIN PEOPLE. LOL.

After the conference, T and I dropped by the Dog & Cat Expo at the exhibition area below ours. This was us with a 4-month old Alaskan Malamute. O__O


And there was an even bigger one… O__O


Some of us met up for an impromptu dinner + Man of Steel movie date + post-movie bonding. It was impromptu for T and I ’cause we were already beat and supposed to go home. Who knew Henry Cavill could keep us awake, right? I didn’t. LOL..

Us at 2AM. :))
Us at 2AM. CLINGY MUCH. :))

Went home at 3AM because of a ruse created by Kuya C. I didn’t get into trouble for arriving late ’cause my parents were already asleep, so yay! The perfect end to a tiring, yet fulfilling weekend. Hihi. I love my friends in Christ. 😀


So yeah. I’ve been seriously inactive here lately. I just installed a new calendar plug-in that pretty much shows how I’ve been such a bad blog keeper. I will not make any more promises here about being more active ’cause I always end up embarrassing myself. LOL. But thanks for still reading my posts. I hope you’re all well! 😀

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