STUFF I LOVE: September 2013

After 8 whole months, here’s another installment of Stuff I Love! (I am such a bad blogger, yay! Heehee.) This is basically just an excuse to write a consolidated fangirl entry. You’ve been warned. Whut.


Those of you who’ve been following me on Twitter would know that, aside from being a no-lifer, I have been totally spazzing about these three shows lately.



I had recently procured copies of all ten seasons of Friends from J. I’ve been wanting to watch this (completely) for sooooo long! Aside from it having a huge pop cult following, my friend, Y, has also been totally obsessed with it. (He has the box set and pops in the DVDs every so often to help him fall asleep. He practically has all the lines memorized. Seriously. I only found out that some of the weird stuff he’s been saying to me were actually lines from the show.)

Anyway. Do you watch this show? If so, who’s your favorite friend? Mine would have to be Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry). I love him so much! He says the wittiest and cheesiest things! He’s also such a nerd. PLUS, he married Monica — the one character I could totally relate to. Competitive neat freak and all around bad-ass. :))

I love all the other characters, too, though. I just really have a soft spot for those two. Hihi. ♥ Such a great ensemble. Too hilarious for my life, this show is. Pro tip: do not eat or drink anything while watching this ’cause there’s a huge chance you’ll be finding yourself choking or snorting out of laughter. Srsly. It’s happened to me too many times. 😐


sil0913_tv02I don’t remember anymore how I had learned about Bunheads. I must have read an article about Sutton Foster or something and went around searching about her TV series on IMDB. Downloaded the first few episodes to see if it was any good and was already halfway through the first season when I found out that the series had been cancelled. Boo.

Here’s the plot summary taken from Wikipedia:

Bunheads is the tale of Michelle Simms, a former ballerina ‘bunhead’ who wound up as a Las Vegas showgirl. Seeing her life and career at a dead end, she impulsively takes up the offer of marriage from her persistent admirer, Hubbell Flowers, and moves to his sleepy coastal town, the fictional town of Paradise in Southern California, thirty miles south of Ojai, California. Once there, Hubbell is killed in a car accident and Michelle struggles to adjust to life in a small town and teaching alongside her mother-in-law, Fanny Flowers, at her ballet school: the Paradise Dance Academy.

So there. Reasons why I love this series:

  1. Sutton Foster is in it.
  2. The dialogues! Fast-paced with so many pop culture references, thanks to its creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino (creator of Gilmore Girls. :D)
  3. It kind of made me appreciate ballet as an art form. (I never did.) The dance numbers were really pretty. 🙂
  4. Sasha Torres! Her (homemaker) skills are unreal. LOL.
  5. Sutton Foster is in it. Hello, triple threat! Plus, her portrayal of Michelle was just hilarious. 😀

Too bad it got cancelled. This is like Smash all over again. Pfft.


sil0913_tv03If you haven’t heard of this show yet, you’ve probably been living under a rock. (I was busy watching other episodes, what’s your excuse? LOL.)

I’d recently gotten copies of the show from A. Wasn’t really planning on watching the series right away, but damn, this show got me hooked with just the first episode! That rarely happens! I love it so much! It’s extremely smart and bad-ass; the characters are all amazingly confident and powerful (especially the women); and there are so many references to movies (some of which, I do not get, LOL).

I’ve always claimed that Mike Ross was my favorite character (’cause, duh, it’s just so mainstream to like Harvey), but yeah, I love both of them. I really appreciate their relationship — how Mike always finds ways to prove Harvey wrong and how Harvey reacts oh-so-coyly whenever that happens… How they protect each other and care for each other like brothers… WATCH IT! 😀



Tech talk time! 😀 I’ve been obsessing over these well-made apps lately:


Since Google Reader was discontinued, I had to look for another reader to view my favorite blogs on. Enter Feedly! I love how it’s so user-friendly and hipster! The minimalist interface is so pretty, and the scrolling so easy. I especially appreciate the latter function ’cause I follow too many blogs and, consequently, read too many articles. The scrolling helps me skim and scan them articles easily. Love it. Love love love it. Along with…


I super needed this ’cause recently, I’ve been having a hard time loading links on Twitter (especially Instagram posts! GRR!). I wanted a way to read the articles later on without having to favorite the tweets (I’m obsessive-compulsive like that). So I really loved that Pocket stored all them links for me. Because of this and Pocket for Chrome, my inner quidnunc is now super happy. PLUS! This integrates well with Feedly so whenever I need to read something for later on the Feedly app, I just press down and it saves to Pocket! YAYYYYY! I wish they would integrate with the Facebook app soon, too. That would be fabbity fab fab. 🙂


Ever since the Financial Management talk we had a few months ago, I’ve been keen on keeping a budget app on my iPod. I started out with All Budget, but then this came along and it was so user-friendly, intuitive, and PRETTY! So. Yuhhh. It’s my new financial best frand. LOL.


The site has been around for a while now, apparently, but I only heard about it recently. Finally, FINALLY, my goal of learning a new language has become a reality! This app teaches you how to speak Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian for FREE! With no ads! FOREVER! WHAT. *MIND BLOWN* I am currently learning Spanish and my gosh, am I getting good at it. LOL. I’m still bad with verb usage, though, but I’ll learn eventually. SO SUPER DUPER EXCITED TO FINISH SPANISH AND MOVE ON TO FRENCH. *cartwheels* I LOVE LINGUISTICS BYE.

Anyhoo. Any of you have any of these apps or watch any of these shows? If so, awesome! Tell me why you love them! And if you could also leave suggestions for other shows/movies/books/apps to check out, that would be great! 😀


  1. thanks for Duolingo. been meaning to learn spanish as well! i hope this app will help me, because i still can’t find a spanish MOOC. 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! It will super help you, I swear! Have fun! 😀

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