STUFF I LOVE: January 2013

You all know I’m a fangirl, right? When I like something, I make sure to tell the whole world about it so they could check it out and appreciate it as well. That’s called SPREADING THE LOVE. This new feature is me spreading MY love for random things on a (possibly) monthly basis. Heehee.

These are the stuff that made me extremely happy for January 2013.

Purchases from my last trip to the U.S.


L-R: Bath & Body Works products -- Carried Away fragrance mist, Sweet On Paris shimmer mist, Cashmere Glow lotion; Cover Girl Clean Oil Control Foundation in Soft Honey
L-R: Bath & Body Works products — Carried Away fragrance mist, Sweet On Paris shimmer mist, Cashmere Glow lotion; Cover Girl Clean Oil Control Foundation in Soft Honey

Cover Girl Clean Oil Control Foundation – I never used to be one to put on full make-up before leaving the house. My “make-up routine” in the past would involve just putting on Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, blush, and eyeliner. Recently, though, I realized it doesn’t do much for impromptu pictures with flash, so I always end up looking like crap. Also, the problem with buying foundation that comes in this type of container is that you’re forced to consume it as quickly as possible, lest you’ll be left with a product full of germs and with an altogether different consistency. So yeah, long story short, I started using this on a regular basis and I’ve been loving it so far. It blends well with my skin, despite how I’ve gotten at least two shades darker from the time I bought it.

Bath & Body Works Fragrances – I love, love, LOVE the fragrances I got. I wear the Sweet On Paris Shimmer Mist before leaving the house. Aside from it smelling like a cross between a fruit shop and a French bakery, it also leaves my skin shining, shimmering splendid, like a little fairy princess. When I’m out of the house and I need to re-mist (whut!), I then spritz on Carried Away, which smells completely different — flowery and a bit on the serious, perfume-y side. What I love about these two scents, though, is how they don’t seem to clash when applied together. In fact, they smell extremely good and entirely different combined!

The Cashmere Glow lotion, I love for a completely different reason. I mean, yes, it smells really great, but I like it because it reminds me of Los Angeles… and a bit of New York. You see, my cousin bought tiny bottles of these on sale when we went to New Jersey. I think, that time, it was just $0.99 or something. Anyway, just my luck, I ran out of lotion while we were in New York, so my cousin gave me a bottle to keep in my bag. Basically, It became my go-to product for battling the harsh US winds. The texture is so rich and smooth, and the smell, so buttery, I always want to eat myself up after applying it. If that ain’t good vibes, I don’t know what is. :3

Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser

Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser

So here’s the thing — I’ve had this tiny blemish on my face since July 2012. I thought it was just one of those bump things that would go away after a few days but this one stayed like, forever. I was already thinking of getting a facial but decided to purchase a new facial cleanser instead, just to see what happens. So yeah, on one of my canvassing trips to Watsons, I bought this cleanser and guess what? On just the second day of using it, the blemish dried up and was gone in like, less than a week. CRAZY. It was then I KNEW that the blemish was caused by my previous cleanser. Tsk tsk tsk. Me and Pond’s products? We never really got along. Except their eye cream. I don’t seem to be breaking out from that one. Hmm. We’ll see.

ANYWAY. 5 stars and two thumbs up for Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser! ‘Cause when they say DEEP CLEAN, they really mean it. I’m very impressed!

Veering away from the vanity, I’d like now to talk about geek stuff.

Google Reader


I’ve been using Google Reader for years now to keep up with my favorite sites. I’ve started re-loving it recently just because I get to STAR posts I’d like to come back to, like recipes. One of my resolutions this year is to learn how to cook… and produce at least one dish a month. Not doing good on that resolution so far but at least I already have the potential dishes and their recipes lined up. Hihi.

Fit Brains Trainer App

Fit Brains App

My new favorite iPod app! You know how much I love brain-related things, and this one just happens to help keep your brain sharp! Download the app here and set it to notify you to train everyday. It’s so fun, I swear! I feel so much smarter afterward! HAHAHA!

White Collar

White Collar

Oh Lord of all things beautiful and perfect, how do I even begin to describe this series? You know what? I probably can’t. So I’ll just say random spazz words. MATT CAFFREY BOMER NEAL EYES BLUE HOT SMART AMAZING ARTIST FORGER CON-ARTIST SUITS TAILORED FEDORA HAT BLAHBLAH MY EYES DEATH HOTNESS BLAH.

Yeah. So now that I’ve gotten that out of my system. MATT CAFFREY BOMER NEAL EYES BLUE HOT SMART AMAZING ARTIST… Holy crap, Matt Bomer in this role. And I thought he couldn’t possibly get any hotter with his old role as Bryce Larkin in Chuck. No, no. FBI CI trumps CIA in this case. HAHA! And yes, I’m such a late bloomer. I got on the bandwagon just when it’s about to end. Which is good, I guess, so I wouldn’t have to wait centuries to watch the next episode. My cousin must be very proud of herself right now for getting me into this mess that is Neal Caffrey. LOLZ.

Anyway, there, I love Neal Caffrey. I love his style and how he’s into old 60s jazz things. I love how cultured he is and how much he truly appreciates art and doesn’t just steal it. I love how smart and how quick-witted he is. As if it wasn’t enough to have taste and talent, he had to be cunning too. MY TYPE OF GUY RAR.

I also love the ensemble casting. I love the Neal-Peter-Elizabeth-Mozzie camaraderie. It’s just so cute and unexpected and awwwww-inducing. :3 Sigh. I’m currently on season 3. Hopefully, when I get to season 4, the whole series would have already ended.

The Carrie Diaries


The Carrie Diaries

Well, this, I discovered by accident. I read a tweet linking to an article on Thought Catalog, so I decided to check it out. I’m really glad that I did ’cause the series is fantastic! I could totally relate to Carrie, which is kinda weird ’cause she’s a high schooler but, you know, her New York escapades and ventures into serious relationships… I COULD JUST RELATE, OKAY.

Aside from the story, I really love the cast. I find AnnaSophia Robb extremely pretty and perfect to play the role of young Carrie Bradshaw. I love Austin Butler as her love interest — that gorgeous smile, my gods! I love Mouse. I love the British girl who works at Interview magazine. I love their clothes! OOH LA LA, THEIR CLOTHES! So vibrant and neon in a non-annoying way! I love the set and the 80s cars. I love this quote: “They were artists, musicians, writers. Distinctly themselves, in a city that celebrated them. It was such a stark contrast to the world I came from, where conformity is demanded and the Donnas of the world ruled.” 

I love anything and everything related to New York and I love this. Go watch! It’s currently on episode 3! 😀

So there. Stuff I love for January 2013. Feel free to recommend other stuff for me to try! 😀 I’d like to hear from you! Till the next post! 😀


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