Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Sea of Monsters

The much-anticipated Percy Jackson movie sequel has finally arrived! It took three whole years to get here, but it’s here! It’s here! It’s here! AND IT’S PRETTY FREAKIN’ FANTASTIC!

Now, okay, first of all, let me just say that I purposely lowered my expectations for this movie. Why? Well, have you seen The Lightning Thief? It wasn’t exactly great (though it took me at least two more viewings to realize that). The book purist in me would point out that so many important elements were completely scrapped from the adaptation; and my gods, Annabeth was a brunette! And then there’s the blerghtastic CG and the very Hollywood-y attention given to Percy, with the completely separated Poseidon cabin and voice-over tips from the Sea God himself. THAT’S NOT HOW IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE. JUST. STAHP.

Anyway, fast forward to 2013 — SEA OF MONSTERS WAS REALLY GOOD! I’m not going to make a serious review or anything (’cause I simply do not know how to do that), so I’ll just go ahead and fangirl and list the things that I liked and disliked.


DISLIKES: Not much, to be quite honest. The timeline was changed a bit (as was expected), but I felt like the movie wouldn’t have worked otherwise, so I’m pretty okay with it*. The way Tyson was introduced was a bit shady for me too, but I guess they were just going for efficiency. He wasn’t portrayed as the innocent, slightly dull laistrygonian** that he is in the books, though, but that was okay as well, given his introduction. So there.

Also, Jake Abel’s a pretty blah actor, huh? I didn’t really notice during the first movie ’cause he was really gorgeous. But now that I have been desensitized…

LIKES: Oh, here goes! So many, so I’ll just use bullet points! 😀

– *The narration was buh-rilliant! I liked how they addressed the story of Thalia early on. I seriously loved the screenplay for this one. There were no obvious holes in the story, and the plot changes made for efficiency’s sake were done quite seamlessly.


– The CG for this one was pretty ahmahzing! I especially liked the one used for the Oracle scene, with the stained glass animation and all. It was so Deathly Hallows-y. I also liked when Thalia turned into a tree and when Percy sent his sword swooshing right into the Colchis bull’s innards. 😀

– Also, speaking of Deathly Hallows, so many scenes reminded me of Harry Potter. Keywords: Oracle, cab, and hippocampi. Tell me I’m not insane. Haha!

– I loved the casting for this movie! (Although they’re basically sharing actors with The Hunger Games, lol!)

Clarisse was definitely not how I imagined her to be (Movie Clarisse is really pretty, first of all, lol), but I actually liked how she was portrayed. Percy said it himself — she had a sense of humor. She was also portrayed as a bit immature, which made her a bit more likable, in my opinion.


** Tyson was pretty good as well. I liked that he wasn’t completely oblivious to his abilities. This made his character somewhat equal to Percy, which was cool. 🙂

Mr. D forgot names A LOT, which also made me laugh A LOT. (And I mean, come on, how can you not love Stanley Tucci?!) He had so many funny lines and was portrayed as more enthusiastic (and dare I say, CARING?) than he actually is in the books. I loved when he was explaining his curse and was all like, in Christianity, they have a God who can do this process backwards (water to wine). Now THAT’S a god worth revering. LOL.

Hermes? Nathan Fillion? Such brilliant acting! :)) I loved how he kept looking back at Annabeth after handing her the Thermos of Winds. I also loved how he said he was rocking the UPS shorts. HAHAHA.


Okay, so many more examples of brilliant casting so lemme do a quick rundown: new ChironThe Gray Sisters, Chris Rodriguez, Martha, and Thalia. K, that’s all.


– I have finally accepted the Hollywood-y approach on Percy’s specialness (e.g. boardless-surfing Percy, Anaklusmos, etc.). I realized it just works ’cause they shifted so much elements already. At least now, though, he isn’t the only particularly special snowflake. Enter, Tyson. 😀

– The humor in this movie pretty much mirrored the humor and spirit of the books, which I liked a whole lot. It was more natural, bordering on nonchalant. Like, nawww, we’re not just riding a cart to our deaths so what the hey, let’s go ahead and sing, “It’s a small world after all”! :))

– The cinematography was really nice! So much pretty colors! (Hello, belly of Kharybdis!) So much necessary additional shots that complemented the different scenes! (Hello, Gray Sisters coming back onscreen when Percy discovered the coordinates!) Such awesome editing! (Hello, whole movie!)

Did I leave something out? Yes, I probably did. Point is, though, THE MOVIE WAS GREAT! I probably lowered my expectations too much, resulting to the movie exceeding it, but I don’t care! This is just really WAY better! No sophomore slump! Definitely looking forward to Titan’s Curse! 😀 Hopefully the same crew will be working on that one as well. 😀


  1. As someone who hasn’t read any of the books (YET! Because I’m halfway through The Lightning Thief!) I actually enjoyed the movie! and just like you, I can’t help but get those Harry Potter feels too, especially in the Oracle scene! And that cab, I was half expecting to see the Knight Bus with Ernie and Stan! Lastly, STANLEY TUCCI – ‘nough said.

    1. Yay, I’m not the only one! Hahahaha! Go read the books na, Ellen! The books in that series just keep getting better. 😀 The last one’s my ultimate fave! 😀

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