MUSIC MONDAY: Manila Jam Sessions

If you don’t already know, I am a music muncher. Apart from that, I am also a singer. (This is actually the first time I’m calling myself that, as opposed to simply saying, “I sing”.) I am very much passionate about music, in fact, that back in college, I would often joke that I was a Bachelor of Arts major in Pops Orchestra, minor in Psychology.

Anyway, a couple friends and I have gotten together recently to jam and record songs. I blogged about one of those sessions a few months back (am I the best blogger in the world or what?!) and I’m proud to announce that we’ve done a few more recordings since then. We’ve also come up with the name Manila Jam Sessions — isn’t that quaint?

Here’s one of me, T, and P, covering Ho Hey by Lennon & Maisy (originally by The Lumineers):

If you like what you’re hearing, why don’t you head on over to our YouTube channel and subscribe? 😀 You may also follow us on Twitter — @MNLJamSessions. Apparently, we have a couple things lined up for the coming weeks.

So this is basically Shameless Self-Promotion #002.

Shameless Self-Promotion #003 would be for me to tell you about my SoundCloud account and how you should check that out as well, but you know, whatever. LOL.

Happy Monday, everyone! 🙂

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