MUSIC MONDAY: Harmony. Yum.

Have you seen this?!

It came out two weeks ago and as usual, because I am Ms. Late Poster, I’m only blogging about it now. (I mentioned it on Twitter, though. You should totally follow me. New knowledge everyday, guaranteed!) LOL.

Anyway. My ears died and went to heaven when I first listened to this. They had to resurrect and die again ’cause I kept listening to the song a couple more times in the succeeding days. I love this cover so much! Lorde’s song is already quite catchy on its own, but when Pentatonix did this with that TDF harmony. Ugh. My feels.

I love love love love love harmony. It just makes everything better. I was actually dubbed the resident harmony maker in our pop group. I also spent 8 years of my life (and counting) in the Chorale. My dad also ALWAYS adds harmonies to songs he hears on the radio (or wherever)… so you can basically understand where I’m coming from.

Listening to Pentatonix’s songs, in general, actually gives me so many feels. I’ve always admired people who can do ahmahzing things with their voice. I’ve also always had dreams of being part of a group like this — with each member being increasingly sensitive of their part in a harmony. Through the years, though, I learned that this isn’t something you can expect in an instant. It takes practice. And inborn talent, I guess. LOL. I’ve found people who fit the bill, but I’m not so sure they’re quite interested in the other kind of group I dream of becoming a part of — a vintage close harmony group.

Last year, I had an Overtones/Puppini Sisters phase (which never really died, just that I was so SUPER obsessed with them that time). This year, I heard of Baihana — a local close harmony group. This was the first video of theirs that I watched:

Pretty fabulous, right?! Found myself stalking their SoundCloud a few days ago just because. Super loved this:

HUHU THE AWESOMENESS I CAN’T. I seriously believe I was born in the wrong era. Or that I was a flapper girl in my past life. Huhuhuhu someone please be in a close harmony group with me!!!

Harmony. Yum.

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