MUSIC MONDAY: Classical Music And Then Some

You guise, check out these fab videos I watched over the weekend. One is a classical take on Lady Gaga’s song, Applause (which I find extremely catchy, BTW); the other, sheer awesomeness by Juilliard alumni. Sigh.


I’m not sure if you know this but I LOVE classical music. Being part of the Chorale from elementary to high school + being friends with the school’s orchestra members + listening to the Harry Potter soundtracks exposed me to, and made me appreciate, the genre. When I became part of a pop orchestra in college, my love for it just grew, as well as the appreciation for jazz/big band music and pop-classical fusions. Although I don’t completely understand the technicalities behind it, I still appreciate it and can pretty much distinguish the good from the bad, the simple from the elaborate. 🙂

Another thing I love is when classically-trained musicians tackle popular music. It just makes me all giddy inside, the idea of them taking on simple pop pieces and combining it with their skills and knowledge, to basically produce musical bad-assery. It’s like, “Lady Gaga song? Btchplz. Lemme add some violins to that. Here.” *throws newly-Sibelius-ed sheet music (or not, ’cause most of them can play by ear)*

Sigh. My underdeveloped right brain says HELLO while silently weeping in a corner.

Speaking of classical music, concert season is starting for the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra! Their opening night is this Friday already, 8PM, at Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo. They’ll be playing the following pieces:

Dukas – Fanfare from La Péri
Liszt – Les Préludes
Vivaldi – Flute Concerto
Monti – Czardas
Guzman – Flutes of the World
Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 6 in B Minor “Pathétique”

EEP! Excited for Czardas please! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! See you at the Cultural Center of the Philippines this Friday and in the months to come! 😀 Here’s the  schedule for the rest of the season, FYI:


Yay, classical music! <3


    1. Yes!!! Teeheehee. 😀

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