Happy Election Day!

Today is Election Day in the Philippines! By the time I publish this post, voting places would have already been closed so I hope those of you from my country who read this have already fulfilled your civic duties. If not, well, know that you technically have no right to complain about how the government runs our country.

Anyway, this election would be my second time voting. It should have been my third, but I lived in my own little bubble back in 2007, so I didn’t really care much about anything. We were also just voting for senators then and I didn’t think it was a big deal, so I just went on my merry little way. It was only after I graduated from university and saw how things really were that I realized I had to stop being apathetic about some things, so N and I finally went on to register.

2010 was my first time to vote. I actually had reservations then, since I’d have to go to a public place and surround myself with all those people… and germs (that was the time I was undergoing treatment). But I went with my dad really early on election day, anyway, armed with my trusty N90 mask. That year was when COMELEC launched the PCOS machine to be used for the National Elections, so things ran faster than usual (according to those who have experienced voting without it). This year, since I lacked sleep the night before, I decided not to join my parents in the morning and vote late into the afternoon instead. That proved to be a great idea ’cause the precincts were virtually empty by then and I got to finish everything in less than 5 minutes.

My very own #selfinger. (Not posted on Instagram/social networking sites, like all the other #MAPOTIs have done.)
My very own #selfinger. (Not posted on Instagram/social networking sites, like all the other MAPOTIs have done.)

Ironic anecdote: while in the precinct this afternoon, the volunteers were talking about this friend of theirs who was diagnosed with cancer and died after a week. One of them asked what the symptoms for cancer were and the other said, “Basta masakit ang likod mo, tapos may nakakapa kang bukol.” (When your back hurts and you feel a lymph node somewhere.) Another replied with, “Hala! Masakit pa naman likod ko ngayon!” (Oh no! My back happens to be hurting right now!)

I found it really ironic that that was what they were talking about at that very moment, and that was exactly what I was going through the first time I experienced voting. FYI, those back pains would probably be accompanied by fevers, night sweats, and unexplained weight loss too, but the lady was right — if you ever feel anything unusual with your body, make sure you have it checked right away and not just brush it off. 🙂

On the way home, my dad asked me who I voted for. On the way to the voting place, actually, he already advised me on who to pick and I was all, “Uhhhhh my 12 slots have already been filled. But I’m voting for 1 of the 3 you mentioned.” He replied with a, “Vote for all 3! There’s still time to change!” And I said, “I did my research on ALL of them and they’re the best ones so no, I’m not changing my vote.” We ended up having a mini debate in the car.

Basically, what I noticed is that my dad mostly voted candidates based on how they made him feel. He mentioned something about leftists and family feuds and whatever and I was all, “I don’t care about those, Pa. I care about their credentials and their stands on important issues. I don’t judge them based on how nice they are, but how good they are at making and implementing laws for the betterment of our country.” (Yehesss, kunwari well-functioning member of society!)

Anyway, I know I should have taken into consideration what he said, but then I would always feel like there would be disconnect. I voted for those candidates because they were, for me, the logical choice. And that’s exactly what I think our country needs right now, TBQH. There’s already too much drama and stupidity around to nominate feelers over thinkers. My generation will be the one suffering greatly from the decisions made by these future leaders, so it really is in our hands to vote for those whom we know can change our country for the better. But yeah, to each his or her own. I hope you voted wisely as well.

To end this post, here’s a song I found on the interwebs today. I’m not into this kind of music, but the message is pretty spot-on (and I think my friend’s sister styled this, haha!) so…

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