Happy Blerghday!

Guess who just celebrated her silver anniversary on earth? NOT ME, nuh-uh. *shakes head*

Well, okay, fine. It was me. (Lawl!) Man. I honestly still can’t believe I can legitimately claim quarter-life crisis now. At the same time, I know this is one age I’m never going to forget ’cause it’s a multiple of 5. (I like multiples of 5 ’cause I’m an obsessive-compulsive freak, okay.)

So, Abby, anything exciting happen on your special day? Nope. None at all, TBQH. It actually came to a point that I was sending thank you replies to greeters on Facebook literally SECONDS after they posted them. My parents weren’t home for majority of the day, my brothers don’t live here anymore, and all my friends have jobs. I guess this comes with the territory (and being an introvert bum)? I don’t know. All I know is that I actually had to force myself to get out of the house to go clothes shopping and buy myself birthday ice cream. It was seriously pitiful.

My mom arrived from Guam in the afternoon and reminded me to attend mass. I actually forgot about hearing mass. What a bad child. I wouldn’t even live this long if it weren’t for Him.

Anyway, the priest’s homily that day was so timely. He said something about people who were going through depression and how they felt like they weren’t loved, when in fact God has never ceased to love them. I had tears in my eyes prior to hearing that ’cause I already felt miserable, but as usual, God sent me another wake up call. It’s honestly so amazing how He won’t let a day pass without showing me that life is beautiful and worth living. Hay, Lord, you make me so kilig. Thank You! <3

But yeah. Then and there, I realized, why am I sad? A few hundred people took 5 seconds of their time to greet me a happy birthday! They could have chosen not to, but they did, anyway, because (I’d like to think) they felt I was worth greeting. A few (a.k.a. my best girlfriends ever) even did more than that and actually composed a whole paragraph. This one from R made me cry:


Something funny also happened that afternoon. My oldest brother greeted me a happy birthday for the first time in 25 years! He has never done that (obviously); it’s like an inside joke between us (sibling love at its finest), so you can only imagine my shock when he passed by the house and said, “Eww, happy birthday.” LOL.

I am blessed with the most wonderful support system ever, so I honestly have no reason to be so emo! I realized when I got home from mass that the feeling I had was probably more sorrow over being such a failure than anything. You see, I kind of imagined myself getting my dream job already before reaching this age. I guess the fact that I still hadn’t, and that everyone else was too busy, just made things all blerghy for me. Regrets like if I hadn’t slacked off came hopping through my mind.

But all was well before the day ended. I watched The Lightning Thief (again) for good vibes so… yeah. Still a pretty good birthday. Heh.

I think June 1 was actually my birthday-birthday ’cause that’s when I got to see my friends. I met up with R at MoA. I was supposed to meet the other goosies as well but they apparently had schedule problems. So anyway, R gave me something I will show you later on… In the evening, my PKFC friends went to my house for Pirate Night. We had spaghetti and pizza (c/o my favorite cousin who also came by with little S), and played 2 rounds of Monopoly Deal while pirating (lolwhut). T slept over and we did an impromptu acapella recording:

LOLZ at the dogs howling in the background. We didn’t want to redo it anymore ’cause our vocal chords wanted to go sleepy time already. LOL.

Anyway, now’s the part where I reiterate yet again just how awesome my friends are and how they have a penchant for making people happy. Last year, they surprised me with a birthday harana and good vibes gifts. This year, they actually had a theme in mind: Abby The Traveling Grammar Nazi. Or at least I THINK that was the theme. LOL. But, no, their gifts just proved how much they knew me and that just made me go awwwww. <3

R told me the goose tokens came in 4 parts. Part 1 of 4, from R, was a bag of travel goodies I so adored!


Inside, there were these:


And a closer view, with all the explanations that made me LOL. :))

photo 1

To which I asked R, “Where can I buy these spoon and fork wipes?”

photo 2

Well, yeah. :))
Well, yeah. :))
Girls, this is a face mask. LOL.
Girls, this is a face mask. LOL.
YES TO #TheGreat2014Adventure
YES TO #TheGreat2014Adventure
Couldn't stop laughing when I saw this. I was all, "Ooh, I can totally stick this pig one on him and say GO AWAY." :))
Couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this. I was all, “Ooh, I can totally stick this pig one on him and say GO AWAY.” :))

Part 2 of 4 came from T. A good vibes birthday booklet full of good vibes-inducing messages from people near and dear to my heart.

T loves these scrapbooks. The other one was from last year’s surprise! TWIN! XD

It was so amusing reading all their messages. More than that, it was fun to see the degree of friendship and the different understandings I had with each of them. Here are a few excerpts:

Three guys who know me too well and know I overthink matters of the heart. LOL.
Three guys who know me too well and know I always overthink matters of the heart. LOL.
The best suppliers of on #UNLIKASIYAHAN
The best suppliers of #UNLIKASIYAHAN

I found the Disneyland message funny ’cause, dude, if I went there on my birthday, I’d get in for free anyway. LOL.

My faith buddies! <3
My faith buddies! <3 LOL at the cat spammer!
The people who are aware of my magical abilities, lolwhut.
My non-Muggle friends. LOL.

And probably my favorite one (’cause it was the longest, hahahaha!):

photo 5
Who really stayed true to the Good Vibes booklet idea. :))

So yeah, after that, I basically just wanted to drown in my own tears. I now have extra go-to ammo for when I feel down in the dumps. Thank you so much, friends and fambam, for being so amazing. You are all such blessings to me and others who have had the opportunity to know you. I honestly thank God each and every day for you ’cause you guys seriously keep me grounded and are constant reminders that life is worth living, dreams are worth dreaming, and goals are worth pursuing. No joke. ♥

Lastly, a special thank you to my Goosey Good Vibes Girls. Here’s to more adventures and crazy puns! You guys are the bass! I love you with all my harp! I’m just trying to be clef-er, not ma-drum-a. I’m excited to see you all bassoon! LOL.

Happy Quarter-Life to me. <3


  1. Remember: emo-ness is next to ugliness. . .

    1. Indeed! Pero paminsan may ugly days din, di maiiwasan. :)) I don’t like being emo either omg so not me. Thanks, Daf! 😀

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