An Open Letter To SMASH


Dear Smash,

It’s been three months since we’ve last seen each other and I’m writing to let you know that I still haven’t gotten over you. It’s quite pathetic, I know, but I feel like you never really gave me the closure I needed and I guess I’m just hoping this letter would help get me halfway there.

I loved you, Smash. I really did. And I honestly felt like we were meant to be. Whenever I encounter anything related to musicals, I think about you and the many things you have taught me.

It was you who opened my eyes to the things that happen behind-the-scenes in Broadway productions, and I really liked that because it made me appreciate the art form more, as well as make me realize the talent and effort involved in creating such productions.

SMASH Behind the Scenes Episode Opening Night S02E12 Megan Hilty

In the 15 months we’ve been together, you’ve introduced me to a whole bunch of your talented and inspiring triple-threat friends.

Katharine McPhee? The first time I met her, I knew she could sing. But to dabble in acting and dancing as well is just truly commendable!

Jack Davenport? That accent. Enough said. But no, seriously, I love how much his character has evolved throughout the whole thing, and how spectacularly he portrayed the said evolution. My heart broke when I saw his character in his most vulnerable state. I just couldn’t handle it, okay.

Christian Borle and Debra Messing? Their characters’ relationship is one that my friend M (you’ve met him) and I could totally relate to. Their talents (on and off screen) are ones we wish we could acquire as well.


Anjelica Huston, I liked very much. She is the epitome of a strong, independent woman who wouldn’t take crap from anyone.

Last, and most important of all — MEGAN HILTY. I hated her character at first, but you really couldn’t deny the talent behind it all. She deserves everything. EVERYTHING, I SAY.

Here’s my Top 5 list of Megan’s best moments. (It pained me to narrow it down to just 5, but it had to be done.)


And your equally wonderful friends, whom I didn’t get to spend much time with:

Leslie Odom, Jr. That perfectly bluesy voice, especially in this song —


Jeremy Jordan. That voice. That bad boy facade.

Andy Mientus. Your most lovable friend. Whenever I see him, I just want to pinch his cheeks. Such a cutiepie. Too bad he had to (insert rhyming word here). E and cousin A loved him so much; they were outraged by his sudden exit.

Bernadette Peters. Please.

The next two I’m going to mention need this video as prelude:

Krysta Rodriguez
. “This was where I first saw her! Wednesday, with a crossbow! And she looks like Diana the Huntress!” Krysta freakin’ Rodriguez. I love her, okay. That’s all.

Wesley Taylor. Wesley freakin’ fierce Taylor. I LOVE HIM MORE, OKAY. THAT IS ALL. Wait, no — I love his character’s sassy comments and ALSO. THIS VIDEO. I LOVE HIM. THAT IS ALL.


How could you, Smash? After all the wonderful songs you’ve written for me, how could you? You’ve written me so many for Bombshell alone, and I’ve grown attached to a lot of them, it was hard for me to pick.


And then you went on and wrote a couple more for your second production, Hitlist, which made me fall in love with you even more.

You gave me your all and I gave you all the love I could ever give in return.

Some say you’re too dramatic for their taste, but I feel like that’s only because they don’t understand your temperament as much as I do. You are one of pure talent and class. You approach everything with such brilliance and grace, giving so much and asking so little in return.

You are an inspiration. My cousin even thanked me for introducing you to her. After meeting you, she felt like her life had been changed because you gave her hope. Hope that things would work out well in the end, and that there’s a wonderful world of musical theater out there that is yet to be conquered by her.

My friend was right in saying that our relationship was one that ended so quickly. She likened it to taking someone out on a date and deciding it was time to go home, just as you were both starting to have fun.

I stood by you through it all and you left without a proper goodbye.


How could I possibly forget you? I loved you. And any other show that comes after will never compare.

Cut, print, and move on? I’ll try, Smash, I’ll try.


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