2013! And 2012… 11 days too late!

FIRST POST FOR 2013! WOOHOO! And with a new layout to boot! Kinda proud of it. MINIMALISM! Hihi. :> Anyway, sorry it took so long. Not sure if you even noticed my lack of posts (or the fact that my site has been down since January 1), so I guess this is me saying sorry to myself. *self-high five* LOL. (Unless you’ve actually been checking back here the past few days. If so, then, GASP!)

Anyhoo, HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! 😀 I hope you had a great time counting down the seconds to 2013, and I hope you got to spend those seconds with the people closest to you! 🙂 I personally had such an amazing time ushering in the new year, but that’s a story for later. For now, I’d like to first do my usual year-end post. I know the time for year-end posts has already gone stale, but I’m writing this, anyway, for gratitude and closure’s sake (naks!). This was supposed to be accompanied by a 2012 video summary of sorts but my laptop, as usual, decided not to cooperate. So boohoo, Cindy Lou Who.

Let’s start.

2012 was a fantastic year full of blessings, learnings, and opportunities. To be honest, I started the year with no actual clue as to how I was going to tackle it. I had just quit my first job without a solid back-up plan, just the thought of getting rid of all the stressors and going after my passions. And I guess that was what 2012 was all about — PASSION. Passion for travel, passion for the arts, and passion for serving God. It was a good year because it was when I felt most fulfilled in (almost) every aspect of my life. I learned how to discern, decide, and accept whatever came my way. It also helped that I had a Powerful Ally who was there for me every step of the way.

For 2012, I am thankful for the following things:

The Adventures & New Experiences


I still haven’t gotten around to blogging about that completely (and I don’t intend to anymore, even New York)… all I can say is that this was the first time I got to go out of the country with just my friends, and I had the most wonderful time ever! I’m definitely looking forward to traveling far, far away with them again in the near future. 🙂


Like sirs in SG! :>
Like sirs in SG! :>

LA-NYC 2012

After 11 months of pining for New York, I got to go back there again (probably for the last time in the next 5 years, but who cares)! I went with my cousin this time, and although I had to repeat a lot of stuff from last year (for my cousin’s sake), it was still awesome because I was freer this time around — I had control over my finances (UGH, DISNEY & NBC STORES), I knew how to get from Point A to Point B without hesitation (HELLO JASON MRAZ CONCERT IN ROCKEFELLER PLAZA AT 7 IN THE MORNING), I learned how to use the subway, and I got to walk home past 12 AM without anyone looking for me. Chyeah. My aunt just said, “Wow, you’re really a New Yorker now!”, when I got home. LOLZ.

I also got to meet up with my childhood friend (AFTER 13 YEARS), experience New York Fashion Week (oh Lord, it’s crazy), meet up with Mel and Em (back in LA), and SEE EMMA WATSON UP-CLOSE. OMG.

New York never fails to surprise me. 🙂

Just a preview of the trip that was :)
Just a preview of the trip that was 🙂


In 2012, I started making decisions just for the heck of it (at the expense of my dignity). Daniel Radcliffe had such a huge influence on me after I watched him sing & dance his heart out on Broadway last October 2011, that I thought, “Screw it. Life is too short to be embarrassed.” So in 2012, I auditioned for a lot of things: Hogwarts Choir, Disneyland, and Sing @ Ning. I got through the preliminary auditions for the 1st and 3rd, but unfortunately did not get to continue with it. (Especially the Sing @ Ning one, I was in New York when they contacted me, telling me I got in.) But anyway, I’m alright with it. Just knowing that I tried (and somewhat succeeded) is already enough for me. LOL.

The Fangirling & Events That Appeased My Inner Culture Vulture

In order: Katy Perry’s California Dreams Tour, Hogwarts Philippines’ 10th Anniversary Ball, Pasinaya, 2012 awesomeness movies & books (Woman In Black, The Avengers, Perks, Mark of Athena, Casual Vacancy, etc.), Potted Potter and Chicago on Broadway, and MEETING EMMA WATSON!!!

The fangirling events of 2012
The fangirling events of 2012

The Spiritual Encounters

It was in 2012 that I got to further my relationship with God. After reading The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren, I joined a Catholic Charismatic Community and I’ve been growing in spirit ever since… or at least I’m trying to. 🙂 It’s nice to be part of a community and meet people who share the same love and are willing to help you out and pray for you when times get rough. 🙂

In February 2012, also, I got to join an outreach organized by Ate Andrei. I actually had my apprehensions in going at first, but I’m glad I went through with it ’cause I learned a lot. 🙂

The Spiritual Encounters

The Things (That Aren’t Things) Which I Am Most Thankful For

  • MY SECOND YEAR IN REMISSION – God is good all the time. 😀
  • GRADUATING FROM MY SECOND COURSE – Yes. I don’t like studying, I like learning. And my post-grad school and course gave me just that. 😀
  • MUSIC, POPS, and CHORALE – They keep me sane!
  • PHP and AVSVME – They keep me insane. :)) They’re the only ones who are as batshit crazy for Harry Potter as I am, with whom I can actually have intelligent discussions with. 🙂
The cast of A Very Snape Valentine’s Musical Extravaganza
PHP and the Slyths :>
  • MY FRIENDS, especially PKFC, GANSA, LE SCONEVERSATION GANG, and my HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS – They all played equally great roles in my life this year, and for that, I am very much thankful. Thank you for my birthday surprise, thank you for the CBTL and MDeal sessions, thank you for Singapore, and thank you for helping end my year right. I love you all to pieces!
PKFC missing Tami :(
PKFC missing Tami 🙁
Gansa Girls :>
Gansa Girls :>
Our sconeversation buddies: Charlie Fitzmunkey and Marvin the Paranoid Android :D
Our sconeversation buddies: Charlie Fitzmunkey and Marvin the Paranoid Android 😀
My first loves! :>
  • Last but not least, MY FAMILY – For obvious reasons, really. Hihi.
Counting down to 2013! :D
Counting down to 2013! 😀

This year, I learned:

  • Intense web design and development. LOLZ.
  • I don’t have to do anything outrageous to say that I am “living life to the fullest”. As long as what I’m doing makes me happy and does not hurt other people in the process, I am LIVING.
  • I shouldn’t compare myself to other people. I just have to be myself and find people who will accept and love me for who I am.
  • I wasn’t placed on earth to be remembered. I was placed on earth to serve and prepare myself for a higher purpose.
  • When you ask God for something, be prepared to receive it without any doubts or qualms. You should also be prepared to get more than what you bargained for (seriously, God? EMMA WATSON?! Haha!).
  • I’ve been celebrating mass the wrong way for 23 years. x_x
  • I should seriously think things through some more before acting on them. Lapses in judgment need not occur in 2013.


This year, I plan to continue pursuing my passions, but with more focus and direction. At the start of 2012, I read The Purpose-Driven Life and that somewhat became my guide for maneuvering through the year. I’m thinking of rereading it again this year as a refresher. I suggest you do too! It’s quite a good read. 🙂

I’ve also taken to keeping a HAPPINESS & PRAYER LOG. One of my resolutions is to distance myself from things that bring me down or don’t add to my happiness. So by deleting those and adding the logs, I get to focus on all the blessings I’ve received, rather than the things that make me wish the ground would just eat me up alive. Good plan? Good plan. Hihi.

Thanks for reading! Here’s to more adventures in 2013! 😀


  1. Good opening salvo. Brava! Here’s to more insane opportunities this year. 😀

    1. Insane opportunities coupled with sconeversations every now and then, yes? 😀 Heehee! 😀 Thanks, Daf! 😀

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