Today I will share with you two things I’ve long known to be twue true, that have recently been brought to consciousness by the weather and this cute Freshly Pressed blog post.

#1. Sometimes when people say they LOVE you or they MISS you, they don’t really mean it.

And I wish they did. ‘Cause I never say these words unless I mean them (just like I never shell out compliments unless a person deserves them).

They say I love yous count for practically nothing these days and I think that’s sad. What used to be something you say to differentiate the specials from the normals, has turned out to be something you say just to acquire special favors from someone, wholesome or otherwise.

How about I miss you? Sometimes people just say this out of convenience… or so the situation won’t seem awkward. Like when you see your close friend again after a long time and in your head you go, “Oh shorts, I’ve been so busy, I completely forgot you existed or that we were actually close IRL —” OMG *insert name here* I MISSED YOU! No you don’t. You just miss the idea of him/her. Because if you really did miss him/her, you would have told him/her earlier and not because he/she was right in front of you and you’ve got no material to start with.

Or how about when you tell someone you miss them. Like TRULY miss them and they go, haymishootoo *smiley*? Yeah, totez say you miss them back ’cause it would just be so awkward and one-sided-looking and OMG-what-a-friend if you don’t.

I’ve long vowed to only say I LOVE YOU or I MISS YOU to people whom I really love or really miss. And I will say it completely.


Not luv ya.
Not miss ya.
Not labyu.
Not labshoo.
Not mishoo.
Not love you (maybe if I love you but not that much; or I’ve said it too much, it would freak you out).
Not miss you (maybe if I miss you but not that much).

The “I” makes all the difference. Think about it.


One other thing that’s been going on in my head is this: when you say you miss someone, do you necessarily have to see them in person to validate your missing them? Or is it enough to just tell them that you do, like it’s the thought that counts? If it’s the former, can we safely say that the “missing” isn’t real if you don’t come up with concrete actions to see or connect with the person that you miss?


#2. The world does not revolve around you. Or as Leann Rimes sang, “Ohhhhh, life goes on, and it’s only gonna make me strong!”

I’ve experienced this truth a couple times the past few years.

ONE was during Typhoon Ondoy. While half of Manila was drowning, on the opposite side the world, it was sunny and bright and people were going through their own business as usual.

TWO was when I got cancer. While I was praying for my suffering to end, my friends were out doing their own thing; graduating, dancing, performing, organizing events, looking for jobs… “How could they possibly go on with their lives knowing that a friend of theirs could possibly be dying?” — a cancer patient’s thought whenever he/she feels like he/she’s alone in all this. (But you’re not alone. You’re never alone. There are others like you and He is always with you.)

THREE is happening right now. It’s like Ondoy Part Deux, where, although we’re more vigilant now, the water level is also increasingly higher. And, like Ondoy Part Un, on the opposite side of the world, things are running the way they normally do.

Such is life, I guess. Certain things happen to certain people. I’m not really sure if social media does more good than bad (and vice versa) in all this. For one thing, people get their news faster and are more informed because of these social networking sites. On the other hand, being on it also makes us realize how other people can go on so well without us, when for a while there you thought you meant the world to them.

But, like I said, such is life. Certain things happen to certain people, certain choices lead to certain events. And, whether we like it or not, people will learn to cope and move on, with or without our presence in their lives.


  1. I love this entry so much! It’s relatable. I hope you write more about something like this. Hee. 🙂

    1. Aww thanks so much! I sure will! 🙂

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