The only constant thing in this world…

… is my being single. Yes, indeed. Hee. And okay, maybe change as well.

This time last year, I was in an office, wearing blue to represent my being single and bitter over love (according to our company’s Employee Engagement Team, haha). I can also be seen acting all bitter towards lovey-dovey applicants who say they couldn’t come on this day ’cause they had dates. Pfffssshhh!

My then officemate, Sha, wore the same thing. (LOOK AT MY SHORT HURRR.)

This time last year, my brother was single. He worked at my/our site that day so we could go on a date at Town Center afterwards. Aww. Things have changed drastically since then ’cause my brother’s now (civilly) married. In fact, he and his wife will be having their church wedding in 4 months time. (Woohoo, abay mode na naman si Abby!)

Me, Kuya, and Nica at the top floor of Vivere.

This time last year, I wished for “something sweet” to happen to me and I got this from my awesome friends Jeion and Mark:

This year, I am back in school, studying something that I love. I’m still alone, but definitely not lonely. I lost some things but gained a few more in return.

Ate Andrei mentioned the other day that as long as you know that God loves you, you will never have to find love anywhere else. So to my fellow human beings celebrating Singles Awareness Day, just remember that this day isn’t real (LOL) and that if you need to express your love, you are given 365 other days to do so. But just in case you plan on being emo the whole day, let me leave you with this fact: it’s possible for you to die of a broken heart. Hahaha!

Anyway, I have everything I need right here…


Lalalalala… *skips away merrily*

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 😀

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