TRAVEL TUESDAY: Hop! The Following Suitcase

A link to this invention was posted on Twitter by @flyPAL a couple days ago:

More infomation from this article:

Hop is a concept developed by Spanish inventor Rodrigo García. The idea is quite simple Hop is suitcase that follows the user. It uses three receivers in its body which communicate to the user’s smartphone over BT. A microcontroller in the bag interprets these signals and calculates the suitcase position in relation to the smart phone. The same microcontroller operates a caterpillar system based on compressed air located inside the bag, which follows the user at a constant distance. If the Hop signal is lost the user is alerted by the vibration of the smart phone and the suitcase locks itself in its place.
Hop can be programmed to follow its master or can be controlled jointly by the airport staff which handles the baggage at airports. The Hop is currently just a prototype and it’s unclear at this point if and when a commercial version will be available and how much it might cost.

Even more information from the actual idea site. Hihi.

What do you guys think of this invention? At first, I found it quite unnecessary, just because I feel half the fun of traveling is carrying your luggage around like a sir, and also because security-wise, this is just so dangerous! Haha. But then I realized, oh yeah, disabled people need this… so maybe it is a good idea? I dunno, what do you guys think? Would you want to own one someday? o_o

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