The Moon Child Speaks

My iTunes library played some great music today. I can’t believe I forgot about this for a while.

I was feeling extra down (and stupid) yesterday and one of the things I said I would do the next day was act like the queen of the world. LET NOTHING GET ME DOWN! AVADA THE MUDBLOODS! KILL THE SPARES! LOL. My best friend also told me to crown myself. And Julianne? Well, she came up with this song.

I don’t wanna get ahead
Of myself again
Throwing too much in the air
Making sure that He puts
The pieces together
Coz I know I’m being prepared
For the right time

Oh and this song too. Ouch. Thanks, Julianne.

There was an issue on Twitter last month regarding the status of OPM. People claimed OPM was dead. A friend of mine from the industry said it wasn’t dead, just that Filipinos weren’t into the sounds being released at present. That if we want it to “live”, ultimately, we have to change the sound.

And then I remembered Julianne. Do you have a copy of her first album? With people like her in the industry, OPM can never be dead. 🙂

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