The Great Singapore Saga: Foodscapades

It’s been two weeks since The Great Singapore Saga and I honestly do not know how to begin blogging about it. Everything’s a blur now, to tell you the truth, so I’m drinking teh tarik to hopefully jog my memory.

Drinking teh tarik like a sir!

Anyway, the great gods of teh tarik have spoken (so fast, ha!) and they suggested that I blog in parts. So for this part, I think I shall blog about the food we ate. It was pretty well-documented. My travel buddies made sure of it. XD

WARNING: Image overload!

Documentation starts at the airport. While waiting to board, I spent time at PAL‘s Mabuhay Lounge. I had originally come from school and I hadn’t eaten all day, all to prepare myself for the binging spree at the Lounge (and onboard). Teehee.

First thing I attacked was their arroz caldo. I don’t know what kind of gayuma they put in this dish of theirs but it’s positively scrumptious!!! It’s the one thing I look forward to the most when I fly with them (as if I’ve flown with any other airline, LOL). If you ever decide to take PAL, make sure you request for this. You won’t regret it.

Awesome tidbit: President Cory Aquino requested that this be served in her flight once and it’s been served ever since! THANK YOU, CORY! Now please haunt Noynoy and pressure him into fixing the airports stat so PAL can finally land their 777s in nice locations!

Anyhoo, I also sampled some of their sandwiches. I loved the croissant. I think it had bacon in it. :>

I didn’t take in that much ’cause I knew I would be served more food onboard. Here’s what I had for dinner:

Le appetizer! (Ito palang busog na ako, heeeeeyyyyy!)
Grilled Veal Medallion in Port and Porcino Jus (w/ mashed potatoes and artichokes)
Chocolate Ganache for dessert (SO. MUCH. WIN.)

Did I mention I ate all these while watching The Hunger Games? #ironic

Day 1

We started our day with a trip to the corner eatery to sample some kaya toast and teh tarik.

Ordering time!
Teh tarik! (When the addiction began!)
Kaya Toast! So oddly satisfying! Haha!

The egg is soft-boiled and mixed with soy sauce (right, friends?! I WASN’T PAYING ATTENTION) and pepper. The toast (which has coconut and sugar in between) is then dipped into the egg and voila! Instant breakfast!

For lunch, we met up with Alex and he treated us to some Pepper Lunch.

Four-timing Alex and his girls! LOL.

We went to Esplanade afterward and saw this:

PITA PAN! We didn’t eat here, we just really found the name funny. :))

And then we met up with Mark and he treated us to these:

Oyster (?) omelette!
Char Kway Teow

Then we bought some teh tarik again. (ADDICTION!)

And some milkshakes. 😀

Rona loves Milk(shakes)! XD Once Upon A Milk Shake. Such cute names! :))

Day 2

Our second day started with this 1 SGD (imagine that!) noodle meal we purchased near Toa Payoh station. Diana and I shared one order ’cause the serving was pretty big!

Noodles + spam & fish
The Breakfast Bunch! XD
Aaaaand we bought some take away teh tarik. (ADDICTIIIIIOOOOON!)

Day 2 was Sentosa day and we already had our minds set on eating 2 SGD churros the whole time we were at Universal. LOL. I got queasy from serial-riding the two Battlestar Galactica coasters + Transformers (less than an hour after breakfast!) so I didn’t get to join the girls in their first churro break. My second meal that day was eaten while waiting for The Daddy-Os to come out and show their pretty faces. Hihi.

Kiddie meal! Teehee! Nuggets and fries!

Dinner was done at VivoCity.

I don’t remember what we ate anymore. I think it was chicken rice. Either way, it was good and this was all that was left of it. XD

Yep. Totez think it was chicken. XD

We then went to Haji Lane (the hipster place!) to meet up with Tami (the hipster! LOL)… but she fell asleep on us. We still had dessert and drinks at Blu Jaz Cafe, though. XD

D and I ordered their brownie. It was huge. We didn’t get to finish it. @_@

Day 3

First meal (?) of the day: chicharon. OH YEAH. So bad but so good at the same time. HAHA. I just ate 3 pieces, I promise! XD

We had brunch (wow, so New Yorker!) at Long John Silver’s at Idon’tknowwhatmall. We also ordered fries from Best Fries Forever (so kyuht!).

Piyar posing with her mustachio! XD
Fish fingers @ Long John Silver’s
Best Fries Forever!
Fresh apple juice on the rightmost side!

We proceeded to Chinatown afterward.

Water Chesnut! 😀

Then we went to Orchard Road to meet up with Tami (finally!). While walking, we came across their version of dirty ice cream! 😀

A slab of ice cream inside a slice of bread! FABULOUS!

We met up with Piyar’s sister for dinner. D and I had Thai food.

Thai food! Parang giniling lang! Ang sarap! XD

Day 4

… was last-minute shopping + last-minute bonding + easy-easy lang day. We woke up late and I forgot if we had breakfast or not. We probably did, I just don’t remember. What I do remember is that we met up with Piyar’s sister again at Orchard Road and we ate shawarma! Woohoo!

Close to authentic. Yumyum!

We then went to church and after church, we had coffee.

Awwyeah coffee like a sir! XD
Piyar being creepy in the background… like a sir! :))

We then went to Esplanade to search for cereal prawns (D didn’t want to leave without trying it!). FOUND IT!

Man can live by breading alone! :))

Aaaaand that’s it! Are you hungry now? Sorry for that. NOT. Haha!

We tried our best to eat food that could only be found in Singapore. Although there isn’t a dish (or is there?) that’s uniquely Singaporean (since Singapore is influenced by a lot of different cultures), we made sure to eat stuff that we didn’t normally eat back in Manila, like Japanese food (I was SOOOOO tempted to do so!)… or McDonald’s. Hee.

We were only there a few days so we’re sure to have missed out on a lot of great food. What do you think we should try the next time we go to Singapore? Do share! 😀

This is where I leave you for the meantime. More Singapore blogs soon! 🙂


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