The Avengers was so avengers!

FC and I have this new thing where we replace the word AWESOME with AVENGERS because, duh, AVENGERS = AWESOME. (Whoever thinks otherwise — STFU YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID!) And like what Nica said, GREAT JOB, JOSS WHEDON!

Before anything else, please don’t think I’m going to write a review about it. I’m not. Because I don’t think my words can ever give justice to what I just saw. But if you want to view a serious one, I suggest you read the review that Dadaf wrote!

Bullet points, though…


  • First off, I LALALA-LOVED THE COMEDIC TIMING IN THIS MOVIE. (I just had to get that off my chest, k.) Thor’s “He’s adopted.” and “You people are so petty… and tiny!”, Hulk’s random punching (smashing?) of demigods, Tony Stark’s witty comebacks… Wait, I think I’m going to stop here ’cause I might just start spazzing about RDJ.
  • RDJ! ROBERT. FREAKING. DOWNEY. HOW AVENGERS IS MY MAN?! (Oh no, here I go.) But omg, I got goosebumps when he entered the screen for the first time and went on to remove his Iron Man suit. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH THE CHARISMA. I had this conversation with Kuya Tweet on Facebook and for the first time ever, someone got to rationalize why I love RDJ so much.

Tweet: Isn’t Chris Hemsworth yummy? 😀
Me: Uhh, he’s alright. I am an RDJ fangirl. :)) Chris Evans would be # 2, and Thor would be #3. :))
Tweet: So you’re into witty guys hihihihi! 😀
Me: YES. THAT IS THE WORD, KUYA TWEET. (You’re so good, this is the second time you’ve said something spot on!)

  • ANYWAY. Although I would’ve loved for the movie to be as Iron Man-centric as people rumored it to be, I’m glad that it wasn’t. The story was balanced and no egos were compromised. All the characters retained the qualities that were distinctly theirs, it was so avengers! I mean, Iron Man was still his usual snarky self but he chose to play it down for the team. Captain America was still his soldier-like self, acting as tactical leader. Thor was Thor, acting all Percy Jackson-ish with his demigod-ness and lightning thief skills, LOL. The Hulk… well, he did as he was told. He smashed stuff. I REALLY LOVED HOW HE BATTERED LOKI TO SEMI-DEATH. :)) Hawkeye… I don’t know him that much (didn’t even notice him in Thor) but he was amazing as well! AND BLACK WIDOW, OH BLACK WIDOW, FEMME FATALE ANG DRAMA. I LOVE CHARACTERS LIKE THOSE. So yeah. They were all amazing.
  • I was so sad when Phil (haha) died. He was my favorite supporting character. I mean, he was in all the movies! I loved how Stark kept bullying him and how he was such a Captain America fanboy! His last avengers act was avengers, though, so kudos to him! “Oh, so that’s what it does.” Heh.
  • Kawawa naman ang NYC. It’s always being destroyed in movies. Hee.
  • I loved that Pepper Potts was included in the movie and that Natalie Portman’s character was mentioned as well. Continuity win!
  • Cinematography was amazing! Nica kept pointing it out awhile ago. Writing was amazing too, REALLY AMAZING. SO GREAT JOB, JOSS WHEDON! I don’t know the back stories of all of the characters (’cause I only really truly love RDJ, I’m not a comic book fan) but the film makers did a great job of making me understand.
  • Just. Ugh. The whole thing was spectacular. I really super duper appreciated how each of the Avengers got to play a major role in stopping the bad guys. It was awesome sauce!

So, what did you guys think of The Avengers? Do share! 😀 To those who haven’t seen it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

P.S. Thank you, Nica, for taking me to see The Avengers! I had fun fangirling with you! OUR MEN WERE AWESOME! Also, please watch Captain America soon. :))

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