Art 2 Art, The A-Team, and everything in between!

Sunday is art day, methinks!

Art 2 Art by Lisa Macuja

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for quite a while now. A few Sundays ago, while in the car, my dad tuned in to DZRH 666 (ooh) on AM. I wasn’t really paying attention to what we were listening to, just that I knew it was a talk show on AM radio. But then I heard keywords like “art” and “classical music” and I suddenly perked up. The lady host at that time was interviewing a man who played the piano and made soundtracks for something. She then asked if the man ever taught his son how to play the piano and the man replied saying that his son wanted to learn the piano, as long as it wasn’t under his tutelage. The woman then shared that that was also the case with her daughter wanting to learn ballet as long as it was not under her. This made me think, “WAIT, WHAT? WHO IS THIS LADY?”

It was Lisa Macuja.

I really liked what I was listening to and I found it fascinating to know that such a show existed on AM radio. In fact, according to Wikipedia, it’s been around since 2007 (OMG I’VE BEEN MISSING OUT FOR YEARS!). It’s quite short, though, ’cause I think the show only lasts 30 minutes. I still love it, nonetheless, and I admire Lisa for being the Philippine culture and arts advocate that she is.

To all culture and art geeks out there, make sure to tune in to DZRH 666 every Sunday at 3:30 PM. Or listen to it online!


A-Team The Demo

Yesterday, Nica, Nica’s mom, and I went to SM North Edsa to watch A-Team’s fundraising concert for their upcoming trip to Vegas for the World Hip Hop Championship. They’re competing in the Varsity Division and representing the Philippines along with 8 other Philippine dance crews (2 of which include some of my friends — LSDC-Street and Tha Project, wootwoot!). Of course, I only know this chizz ’cause I have a dancer for a best friend but that’s pretty much as far as my knowledge on this topic goes. HAHA!

The Demo

Anyway, what else can I say aside from they were spectacular?! It’s really awesome how this generation can be so passionate and skilled at this art form (imagine, high schoolers dancing like gosh darn professionals!). I kept pointing out to Nica last night how we never had (and still don’t have) anything like this back in our old high school. Well actually, we did have a dance crew represent us in Skechers back in the day and some of the members of that crew went on to be part of today’s well-known dance crews… but aside from that, nothing. Not today, at least. I think they’re still busy producing bobbleheads and rockstars (so passe). It’s quite sad ’cause I think we (my alma mater) have the potential for it.

So yeah! There! Awesome! I got to meet some of Nica’s dancer friends so that was great. I love the energy in dance concerts. :>

Oh, speaking of dance concerts, here are other fundraisers you can watch to support the Worlds teams! Taken from Nica’s blog:

LSDC Street (Hail! Hail! Hail!) #LSDCStreettoWorlds
July 13, 7PM | Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, DLSU-Manila | P200

Legit Status (Megacrew) #LegitStatus
July 14, 7PM | Henry Lee Irwin Theater, ADMU | P250

Fresh Flow (Reactivate!) #REACTIVATE
July 21, Battle 5PM, Concert 7PM | SM North Skydome | P200

Philippine All Stars (Mandirigma)
July 22 | SM North Skydome | P200

Tha Project #StormtheGates
July 28 | Ronac Art Center 

Everything in between…

BSC friends XD

With Nica and FC. We didn’t talk about it but we all wore black. Emo Sunday? :))


Had sconeversations with awesome people yesterday morning. It was 3+ hours worth of stories (about life, love, adventures, etc.), geekery (haha, oh gosh), and exchanging of brilliant, BRILLIANT ideas! Can’t wait for #TheGreat2014Adventure (changed the name, FC!). It’s gonna be totally awesome!

Before heading off to Sky Dome for the concert, we passed by the Annex (still in SM North Edsa) to meet up with my friend, Yael. It was quick but fun. Just wanted to see him and say hi before his gig (haven’t seen him in a year, omg). Met his friend Jesse in person for the first time (we’ve been FB friends for ages!) and his other friend, Mon (I totez thought his text said MOM. FAIL!). Anyway, yeah. We went to Astroplus to check out DVDs and he bought me and Nica copies of Dawn Of The Dead. Like I wanted it. -_-‘ But he wanted us to watch it so he bought it so we wouldn’t have any choice BUT to watch. -_-‘

Dawn of The Dead VCD
#somadrightnowbutnotreally #notahappycamper


Nica loves him now ’cause he paid for her Singing In The Rain DVD (which she grabbed with the intention of paying for it herself), so that was funny. The store also started playing Sponge Cola songs while we were browsing, so that was EXTRA funny. :))

All in all, it was a good weekend. Didn’t start out so well (after Saturday’s irita moment) but I’m glad everything worked out in the end. God is so good to me, providing me with awesome possum friends and this wonderful thing called ART! 🙂

Hope you had an awesome weekend as well! 🙂


  1. Come on, let’s watch Dawn of the Dead together! 😀

    1. NO. Hahahaha! Kidding. Wait. Next month. :))

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