TRAVEL TUESDAY: So your flight was delayed…

Now, if only everyone had the same mindset.

I got to read an off tweet about delayed flights a few weeks ago. I usually just go meh whenever people tweet or Facebook about their flights being delayed, but this one just irked me ’cause of the use of bad analogy. Sure, it sucks whenever your flight gets delayed; I’ve personally experienced waiting in an airport 3 hours more than my supposed waiting time, but you won’t see me whining about it because I understand. And maybe you should too.

First things first: Know that it is not an airline’s goal to piss you off.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Now that we’ve established that not everything’s about you, here are a few reasons why you should think twice about bitchin’ on the interwebs about your delayed flight and how incompetent the airline you’re flying is.

01. Your safety could be at risk. Tell me. Would you rather leave later, knowing that you would have a safe trip, or earlier, and possibly risk landing INTO YOUR DOOM? Extreme? Not really. More often than not, flight delays are caused by problems with the aircraft. Since aircrafts aren’t supposed to stay on land for too long, the plane you’re using probably came from another destination. Naturally, before it takes off again, everything has to be inspected thoroughly in order to ensure the safety of the passengers for the next flight. In the unlucky event that you do get a plane that goes faulty prior to your departure, understand that the airline is only thinking of your safety, and if they could replace the airplane with another one, they would. But it doesn’t work that way because AIRPLANES ARE NOT MEANT TO STAY ON THE GROUND. Their fleet is exact and their routes have already been plotted beforehand. It’s highly unlikely that they would switch planes and destroy the whole arrangement just so you would stop whining.

Another thing related to safety is the weather. This is quite self-explanatory, don’t you think? If there’s zero visibility, you can’t leave. If the snow freezes your plane, you can’t leave. So unless you have Zeus or Aeolus’ personal contact numbers, YOU SHALL NOT PASS.


02. Any delay is an additional expense to the airline. Aside from paying the cabin crew for the extra hours they put in, they may also have to give their passengers free food (if the delay lasts for hours). In some occasions, when the flight is delayed for a day, the airline has to pay for passengers’ hotel accommodations. Not to mention, they also have to pay the airport extra for the parking space they’re renting. And, if we’re speaking long term, the airline may need to spend money on advertising campaigns to get you to fly with them again despite the dissatisfaction you experienced.

See? What company would want that?!


03. Sometimes, it’s not even the airline’s fault. Sometimes flights are delayed because of a) air traffic or b) your fellow passenger decided he/she wanted to board later than the supposed boarding time. First of all, why is there air traffic, anyway? Because there are a lot of people who take planes to get to their destination. More passengers = more planes = air traffic. Or worse, more passengers + late passengers = late planes = air traffic.

All I’m saying is you should totez just take the train or ferry to get to your destination you should first take these things into consideration before you go all FUUUUUUUUUU on the internet (or in general, really). Don’t berate the ground staff, because they probably have nothing to do with it (unless they mistakenly got you on the wrong flight). Additionally, if you’re flying with a budget airline (and on a budget flight at that), you probably have no right to bitch, anyway. You waited half a year just to get on this flight, what’s a few more hours? (Ha, yeah, that was meant to sound condescending.)


Anyway, as a tip, in order to keep boredom at bay while waiting for your departure, make sure you have either a book, an iPod, or a laptop with you. I always make sure to bring my iPod and a book with me whenever I travel just because I know there’s a chance that my flight would get delayed. That, and it’s only when I travel that I get the time to actually read. LOL.

So there. What are your thoughts on this topic? Do share your flight delay stories. I have a friend who thought his flight was at 4PM, when actually it was at 4AM, so he ended up buying another ticket for a flight that would leave at 3AM the next day. Talk about DELAYED. Haha!

Always make sure to check your flight details beforehand, wear closed shoes, and be a polite passenger! If you ever get delayed again, enjoy the fact that you’re in an airport and that there are a lot of interesting things to observe/do while you’re there. Take it from Tom Hanks. 😉


  1. The most memorable delayed flight I’ve ever experienced was via Cebu Pac, a few years ago, at Caticlan airport. Memorable because: a) there was a storm so we couldn’t fly out (understandable), b) it was my birthday that day and I was supposed to celebrate it that evening with my family back in Manila, and c) I missed two classes in one go, so I had to make up for that the following week.

    I wasn’t delayed for a few hours. I was delayed for a full day, with no hotel accommodations and no extra clothes whatsoever. Thank goodness for the kindness of some people I met at the workshop. I ended up sleeping on a banig in some stranger’s house, so that was nice. Could be worse, though.

    1. They didn’t give you hotel accommodations, seriously?! Isn’t that your right?! Now THIS is worth complaining about. It’s not the typical “I got delayed an hour, boohoo, Twitter rage time!” But yes, you’re right, it could’ve been worse. 😐

      1. Nope, no accommodations, which was alright for me as long as they could give me an assurance that I could definitely fly out the next day. There was no assurance, naturally, so I had to keep my fingers crossed until the next day. Suffice it to say that all of us from the previous day’s flight were chance passengers, and for some miracle, we were all able to fly out the next day along with the regular passengers. I don’t know how it happened, really. They must have underbooked for the next day, which was a good thing.

        1. Di daw pala bibigyan ng accommodations if the problem is the weather. Kaya pala. Yeah, they probably underbooked. Or yung dapat nasa flight na yun, di rin tumuloy because of the weather. Interesting birthday you had there, Daf!

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