And the award for…

… Newly Enlightened goes to *drumroll* Abby!

So enlightened, in fact, that it led to my having gargantuan eyebags [for crying too much]! :))
While the award for Best Parents goes to *drumroll* Abby’s parents! *crowd cheers*

I came home to this!
Whatizz effort?
I’m glad my parents used recycled paper in making this. YOU ARE LEARNING! I LOVE YOU MORE FOR THIS! :))
Yun o! 😀

So I just got back from Singles Encounter weekend and boy, what an intense weekend it was! I believe I came in at least 95% healed (or so I thought), with my objective being to find out what my mission in life is. Although I learned, relearned, and enjoyed a lot of things, this morning, I was resigned to the fact that I wasn’t going to get what I expected to get out of the encounter. And then the day’s activities started. BOOM.

Indeed, when you least expect it, God will reveal things you thought, with your simple human mind, never even existed. Ay nako talaga. YOU are more than amazing, more than marvelous, more than miraculous could ever be!

Thank You for this weekend! Thank You for my parents, family, and newfound friends! Here’s to more encounters with You! 🙂

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