Single Girl Diaries: Your (My) Singleness Through Singles

First of all, thank you SO much for the overwhelming response on my previous blog entry! Thank you to Rian for giving us the chance to “Freshly Press” ourselves through her blog. It was such a good idea and I have her to thank for being the primary reason for the sudden spike in my site’s traffic. (Seriously. I don’t know how I’m going to explain these stats to my professor once she checks my site, LOL.)

I would also like to thank everyone who commented and gave insights on the topic (hello, Dadaf, you still owe me a blog reply, haha). It was nice reading about your experiences, I honestly gained some new perspectives! πŸ™‚

Anyway, I was on my way to school this morning when John Mayer’s song, Perfectly Lonely, played on my iPod. That got me thinking of creating this next entry. I’m totally milking this feature for all its worth but do back me up on this. Haha. Here are some songs that explain why I’m you’re (still) perfectly lonely happy.

(DISCLAIMER: These may or may not apply to me. LOL.)

AVRIL LAVIGNE’s sk8r boi a.k.a. When you go Judge Judy on someone

We’ve all done this (some more than others, cough): judge a person by his/her looks and totally brush them off when they don’t meet your initial standards (this word again, seriously?!). The thing with this is that the person probably has all the nice qualities you’re looking for, but he/she never got to show them ’cause you never gave him/her a chance.

But then again, this is a natural reaction, isn’t it? Because initially, what you see is a person’s physical appearance. When you meet someone for the first time (or from afar, even), you don’t immediately go, “Oh, this person’s loyal,” or whatevs. From a person’s physical appearance, you get to form certain biases like what kind of crowd he/she hangs out with, what his/her interests probably are, etc. I’m not saying this is a good thing (prejudice is never a good thing), I’m just saying that it’s a natural occurrence.

ONE DIRECTION’s What Makes You Beautiful a.k.a. You’re insecure, don’t know what for…

You’re probably single ’cause you lack belief in yourself. No matter how ugly you think you are (you probably aren’t, anyway), someone out there loves you for you. So don’t let your insecurities hold you back. πŸ™‚

THE OFFSPRING’s Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) a.k.a. You have no game!

[Thanks to Yael for recommending this song. :))]

Oh gosh, this one’s the complete opposite of being insecure. There’s a difference between being secure and being a douchebag. Douchebags on TV are usually portrayed as having no game whatsoever (e.g. Schmidt). If there’s what they call “A-game”, this is what my friend Lea and I would call “Z-game” a.k.a. not having game at all and being super dang obvious even at the onset. You should fix this fast before you scare everyone you like away.

CAROLYN DAWN JOHNSON’s Complicated a.k.a. Fighting the feeling for your friend

I actually just found this song today (such a poser). But I looked for it to prove a point. So there are two, single (best) friends. They’re close to falling in love with each other but one thing’s stopping them from doing so — the possibility of ruining a long and otherwise awesome friendship. I honestly don’t believe you can be friends with an ex afterward. You can be civil, but to be as close as you were before? That’s just total bull and a problem waiting to happen. Either decide to be in it to win it or not at all!

Since you’re single, you probably chose the latter. So… good on ya, mate! :))

SPONGE COLA’s Movie a.k.a. Forever the friend

On the other hand, there’s also this — the one-sided attraction. You’re willing to risk everything but the other party is totally oblivious to it. Oh, you like(d) me? I thought you were just being super nice. NOT. Beware of the friend zone. They don’t have cookies. Just dog biscuits for stupid people who pine for the ones they love.

CARLY RAE JEPSEN’s Call Me Maybe a.k.a. Crushing on a homo

Yes, I know they’re pretty, but you have to get over it. They don’t play on the same team anymore. :))

AVRIL LAVIGNE’s Girlfriend a.k.a. Preying on the taken

If you haven’t been guilty of this, you’re totez missing out. You’re not missing out. Save yourself the trouble of getting your heart inevitably broken, because if the taken does split up with his/her significant other because of you, there’s only a 5% chance (made-up statistic) that he/she is going to fall for you and take you seriously, anyway. Once a whore, you’re nothing more, says Hayley Williams! Live your life and stop waiting on that person. There are other fish out there waiting for you to acknowledge their existence.

AJKA’s In Denial a.k.a. Do I even need to explain?

Off-topic: Congratulations to KAΒ for being crowned one of MYX’s newest VJs! Wuhoo! πŸ˜€

AJ RAFAEL’s Emma Watson a.k.a. Fantasy is better than reality!

ME RIGHT NOW, NOT EVEN GOING TO DENY IT. I’m single because I’m waiting for Daniel Radcliffe to notice me. HAHAHAHA.

ADELE’s I’ll Be Waiting a.k.a. It’s not over until I say it is

You’re still waiting to get back with that old flame (well, ain’t regret a bitch!). If it’s been years or your old flame has already moved on, you should probably rethink your decision. Learn to get on that horse and ride into the sunset!

TAYLOR SWIFT’sΒ Back To DecemberΒ a.k.a. Too late, kid.

You brushed too many away and now you’re paying the price.

NICK JONAS’ Haven’t Met You Yet a.k.a Another self-explanatory song

You’ve been burned a couple times and are afraid to love again. Well, no, not really, you’ve just really learned from your past experiences and decided that if you ever fall in love again, it’s going to be with a person who deserves you and is worthy of your tears.

One other reason I have but don’t have a song for: Bros before hoes/hoes before bros a.k.a. you’re single because you’re refraining from falling in love with your close friend’s ex. Comment if you have a song for this. XD

And now we’ve come full circle. πŸ™‚

So which one’s your song? XD


  1. Ohhh I’m waiting for Harry too! haha

    1. Hahahahaha ahhh Daniel is the ultimate man. :))

  2. Hey Abby πŸ™‚

    I get the “natural selection”-esque ‘attraction is a biological function’ part. I think it’s wired in our brain for survival like how a long time ago people liked big muscular men because they can hunt and provide more food. Or maybe now it’s why people are attracted to those with higher paychecks or are more successful (it’s still all about survival or hunting and providing more food, shelter, etc).

    But then there’s also the other side in this nature vs nurture debate. Environment also pays a big role in our being discerning with what ‘beauty’ or ‘beautiful’ is. This is how media, for instance, turns beauty into a trend of sorts. If you look historically at what people perceived as beautiful, you’ll see that it changes over time and a big part of it is influence from the environment.

    And like with you, I don’t necessarily agree that these are good things as well.

    Haha wala lang. Sorry for spamming your blog with my random thoughts.

    1. I agree about it being a societal thing. Actually, what I mean is that it’s a “natural” occurrence because it’s already part of our collective unconscious. Our biases/prejudices were first and foremost formed by society so… (I lost my train of thought)

      Our Social Psych prof also told us about what you said about higher paychecks. (Most) women are said to be attracted to power, while (most) men are attracted to women’s physical features. Super rare daw that in a relationship, the girl’s the ugly one. TRUE LOVE na raw yun. HAHAHA!

      Oh life.

      Not random at all, Harry! XD

  3. omg. call me maybe. boo.

    1. It had to happen. Yun lang ang falling for a homo video. :))

      Unless what you’re saying is that that’s your song right now then… :))

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