Single Girl Diaries: PASSION


Not the kind of passion you’re probably thinking about right now, though, but PASSION for doing things you love doing, most especially art.

My best friend messaged me this afternoon, telling me about a random realization of hers. In her words: “I just realized that I’m so passionate about dancing and it scares me because I don’t know if I’ll ever feel that way about another person.” BAM! CUE THE VIOLINS PLEASE! (Ooh, violins, more on this later!) Kidding aside, she explained how some dancers can make her feel a range of emotions when they dance, but how this doesn’t necessarily translate to her having feelings for the dancer. And then she goes on saying that if someone could give her the same myriad of emotions, that’s when she’d know he was The One.

I was already giving her crap early on about how dramatic this realization was when I suddenly threw this statement at her: Maybe you just have to find the right dancer first who will dance with you… And then you can feel the emotions together. LIKE WHUUUUT. :))

N’s peg. (Click image to view video)


Anyway, I don’t think our mensies have synced (LOL) since we haven’t really seen each other in a while but it just goes to show how in tune our brainwaves are. See, I’ve been thinking about the same sort of topic the past few days, mostly brought about by amazing things I’ve found on the internet. And now I really hope that Chief Music Guy isn’t viewing my site at the moment ’cause that would just be embarrassing but I’ve been feeling quite inspired lately and I’ve also come to this realization: I am drawn to guys who are passionate about what they do (and also equally rock at it). I want someone who’s so passionate about what he does that his passion would push me to excel in my craft and become a better version of myself. This has always been a standard but it’s only now I got to put it into words. Let’s just say that after much cyberstalking, I’ve added two new post-its to my Wall of When The Hell Am I Going To Do This:

Anyhoo, I showed N this video and I told her about the fire that burned (and continues to burn) in my heart after watching it. I couldn’t put it into words and I was all just, “Ugh, I can’t explain!” But she got it right away ’cause she mentioned it was the same fire burning in her heart when it came to dance. Gosh. Are we best friends or what?

But wait, lemme try to articulate this feeling. OH. HERE: I am so amazed when people defy or surpass expectations on just how much change art can have on society. Actually, I’m amazed in general when people defy or surpass what is expected of them. Like NASA mohawk guy. Or Chuck Bartowsky. Or Tony Stark.

PASSION. PASSION. PASSION. PASSION. PASSION. I can’t stress this enough. There is nothing sexier than a person full of passion (in all aspects, fine). N told me about something she tweeted before in relation to this: I like guys who can dance, but I love dancers. I like guys who can sing, but I love singers. As much as I like a guy who does what he can, I’ll love him more for doing what he loves.


So there.


P.S. I’ve recently placed this as my FB status: I want to be a better musician. Who wants to help me out? Non-creepy collaborators are welcome to step forward. XD

P.P.S. I want to study in Juilliard.

P.P.P.S. I am not obsessed. I am inspired.


  1. Passion passion passion!!!! Can’t get enough of that feeling!

    1. We are too friends. LOL.

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