Single Girl Diaries: La Zona De Amigos

New post format. I’ve decided not to spell out this feature’s name anymore just because embarrassment has finally caught up to me. (Really? Just now? LOL.) I feel like I’ve bared too much of my soul online already and every repost of entries with this title screams DESPERAAAAATE. But blogging about it makes me less frustrated and a few of you seem to be able to relate to it so ALL HAIL THIS (NOT SO SECRET) SOCIETY! Haha.

Today I would like to talk about The Friend Zone. If you search “friend zone” on Google, it will come back with really funny images. Here are a few favorites:

Even worse! :))
Friend Zone Fiona
The King of the Friend Zone!

I’ve been thinking about this topic for quite some time now. I’m not really sure why (yeah, right) but I’ve been wanting to blog about it since. Probably because I read an article about it on Candy magazine lately… or because I’ve been surrounded by too many teenage hormones (hello, Potter and Photography class!) that their #collegelevelproblems are rubbing off on me (haha, whut)… or because I’ve been listening to some stories in relation to this from people close to me… or…

We’ve all done it before, place someone in the friend zone (anyone who denies this is a liar!). I think I have (and have been) deposited (by) quite a few there myself. I’ve even, believe it or not, been cousin-zoned, now that I think about it. OMG WHAT. (I feel you, Gale Hawthorne!)

The question on my mind now, though, is… how do you remove someone from the friend zone?

The Candy magazine article only says this:

A CHANGE OF HEART? Seeing him in a different light some time after your talk? It’s not a crime to have newfound feelings for him, but for everyone’s sanity, be absolutely sure before you un-friend zone him.

That’s it. NO. ACTUAL. STEPS. Compared to the “how to place him in the friend zone” part. So how do you do it? Additionally, how do you un-friend zone someone who’s been in there for quite a while now?

Scenario # 1: Girl has recently developed non-infatuation feelings (or so we think!) for a guy friend of hers but they’re already in too deep. As in SUPER FRIENDS. Does she just suddenly tell that person that, dude, I like you. Do you like me too?

Scenario # 2: Guy made a move on girl. Girl placed him in the zone. Now girl likes guy. Does she just suddenly tell guy, dude, I like you. Is there a chance that you still like me?

Scenario # 3: Girl likes guy. Guy places her in the zone but still calls her in times of uninhibition (made-up word). What should girl make of this? Does she just suddenly say, dude, why don’t you just say you like me and get it over with?

Scenario # 4: Girl likes guy. Guy is… possibly gay or just plain dense so they’re now super friends. Girl doesn’t know where she stands. Does she just suddenly say, dude, I wanna know where I stand. Are you gay or are you ignoring my feelings on purpose?

One does not simply leave the friend zone!

Of course, these are all feasible things to do. Kinda. That is, if you completely strip yourself of pride and dignity. But really, AS IF. If we all stripped ourselves of those, the world would be such a wonderful, completely loving place. But we have to be realistic here. It doesn’t always happen that way.

So what are other feasible options? Do you persevere? Do you drop hints and just wait for an outcome? Do you get a wingman to do it for you? Or do you just give up ’cause it’s just not possible?

Wait, what now?

No. Wait.


This topic is now open for intelligent discourse. Share your experiences if you want, this is a safe haven. Hihi. 🙂


In the meantime, I would just like to apologize for bombarding you with these entries lately. So icky of me, but I usually type them as I create them in my head. Thus, the sudden brainfarts. I promise to blog about something else this week. Fangirl Abby will be coming back with a vengeance so I hope you’re ready for that. XD


  1. Natawa ako sa entry na ito. Gives me fond memories of college and the guy I put in the friend zone…but not after I kissed him first. WAHAHAHA.

    1. Oh wow, was it THAT bad? Hahaha!

      1. What was bad? Him being in the friend zone? Hindi naman. He was a good kisser and the best friend of the guy who became my BF. Kalerks.

        1. Oh, I meant his kissing, since na-friend zone siya after. Hahahaha!

          1. Friend zoned na siya as soon as I learned na type din pala ako ng best friend niya. Na-karma tuloy ako and I think I made the wrong (boy) choice. Hahaha.

  2. Scenario #2 and #4.. BV :)))

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