Puhtuh Puhrtey!

Finals week is finally (?) upon us! (Dundundun!) It’s weird, I haven’t fully familiarized myself with the Academic Calendar yet ’cause I still somehow feel like a transient in this school. Well, yeah, actually I really am, since I’m only staying for a year, but it’s so strange ’cause I still don’t feel at home here and the semester’s about to be over. o_o

Anyway, the only reason why I know it’s finals week is because my Web Design projects are piling up they’ve been putting up exhibits all around the school. It’s so cute! It’s like being at the MoMA! Nahiya naman ako ng konti sa sarili ko. I want to become an illustrator too but I really do not have a talent for drawing. Sigh sigh sigh. But yeah, I can do better, I know it. Pero wag muna ngayon, kaloka pa ang website projects! (Nag-dahilan pa!) XD

They have this inside the caf. Exhibits EVERYWHERE, I tell you! EVERYWHERE!

Anyhoo. You know where I feel most at home? Dadaf’s house! LOL. Mayaman ang Slyths eh. She invited us (AVSVME) over at her house last April 1 and we had a cholesterol party! OMG I can still remember the pata. *drools* It was 7 whole hours filled with good food and good vibes. I love, love the PHP people so much!

I got so lost going there, though. When the train passed LSGH, I was all OMG WHERE THE HELL AM I. D: #southerner Haha.

I even took a picture, just because I was so proud of myself for getting this far! LOLZ.
Had Happy Lemon for the first time. Steady lang naman siya. (Parang Magnum lang!)

While we were on our way to Dadaf’s, we talked about her coffee/tea + cheese bread tweets and her First World Problems email: “Sa mga hindi makakapunta, that is unfortunate. We’ll just have to triple each person’s food serving, I guess (first world pains, I know).” And I was all, whoa, I can see it now, she probably has exotic animals in her garden. FC then claims that Dadaf probably has a giraffe named Orange.  The others mention camels. I voted for lemurs and white elephants. WHUT. :))

We only saw a deer. Aww.
We were in awe of everything when we reached Dadaf’s house. Check out Jovan’s “OMG WHY IS THE PLATE GOLD” face. XD
And there goes the tea. :))
Happy people are happy!
Trish’s new best friend!
The Powder Room — where all the magic happens. :))
Nica, you were missed!
Ate Rona and Fluffy (minus a head)
Jovan’s MAYAMAN AKO pose. :))
We had to do a remake of this picture. For the continuation of Familia Zaragosa. :))

Fun fun fun! Here’s a video I made with the footageS (lelz, Jovan!) I took while we were there. It’s mostly for myself so I can remember this fun, fun day I’ve been counting down to for the longest time. But anyway, I like sharing. Also so you know why I love them PHP people so much. XD

THANK YOU, DADAF, FOR INVITING US! Have fun in London! Huhuhuhuhu. See you in May!

After the Pata Party, we went to Makati for a quick meet-up with one of our Pops friends then we went to Starbs for more sconeversations. Fun, fun! 😀 Although after that, I now only partially love FC. Tsk. Hihi.

Fun times! Thank You, God, for awesome friends! Please help me get through finals week!

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