A few weeks ago, I found myself in desperate need of a part-time job. You see, my mom and I had this agreement that she would pay for my tuition while I would be the one responsible for getting myself to school (i.e. allowance). I posted this as a stat on Facebook just to release the thought to the world: Pahinging part-time job! *_* (Please give me a part time job!). In which a friend of mine replied: “The thirst for money begins… :P”

I was probably PMS-ing that time but that statement definitely ticked me off. Because NEVER in my life have I “thirsted” for money. In fact, when I was still working, the money I got, if not used to purchase basic necessities, was always used to fund for my passions — going to Pops and Chorale rehearsals, PHP events, hangouts with friends, etc. To hear that coming from a supposedly close friend really saddened me. It came off as an accusation rather than a passing remark.

That got me thinking of all the things I’ve done this whole month in relation to my passions in life. Let me just start by saying that it’s been quite a month! And my commitment to my passions were REALLY tested! I actually find it a bit funny that they all happened in February — LOVE month. Isn’t that just quaint?!

Anyway, which PASSIONS am I referring to, exactly? These:


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I will never get tired of singing with the Chorale — my roots and the primary reason why I appreciate classical art.

I got to perform again in this year’s concert! Although there were only a few of us this time around, it was still pretty awesome. 😉

The cute kids!
The CUTER kids. LOL.
Indeed, what would we all do?


This deserves a separate entry altogether but last Saturday, after months of planning, we (Hogwarts Philippines) finally had our 10th Anniversary ball! It was quite quick and bitin just because it was SUPER DUPER FUN. I can’t even get myself to put it into words. Blah. But I will try in the next few days. For now, I shall just leave you with pictures:

With Nica, Head Boy FC, and Former Slyth Prefect Jovan. [Ang itim ko, LOL. :))]
My pets awesome(ly hot) housemates! XD
The most wonderful bunch ever = A Very Snape Musical Valentine’s Extravaganza cast
With the rest of PHP. I am definitely part of the right group! 😉

Thank you to Shutterhappy Photography, FC, and Joiz for the pictures above, Thank you to Magnavision for the Hogwarts logos we used as decors. 😀 More thank yous in my next entry!


I only had 2 hours of sleep after the ball because early the next day, I had to run to the Cultural Center of the Philippines for Pasinaya 2012. It was my first time to attend Pasinaya and I’m glad I spent it volunteering. Although it was quite tiring, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything! I learned so much as a Visual Arts Docent. WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN I WAS CAPABLE OF DOING SUCH A THING? LOL. But anyway, this topic deserves a separate entry as well so watch out for that. 😀

Hey, didn’t I just see you 9 hours ago? :)) [Trish (far right) and I look so bangag!!!]
Our awesome friends came by!
It was crazy!!!
Le Slaves of Art! XD

Tomorrow, to cap off February, we will be starting rehearsals for Lasallian Youth Orchestra’s upcoming concert, Eliezer. Sigh. I love this month so much.

And the catch? I got to do all these with the little that is left of my backpay. God always provides. 🙂

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