New Year’s Eve & Beyond

First post for 2012! Finally! Woohootzwoot! Took me a while ’cause I honestly didn’t have the inspiration to start. Yeah. But anyway, a lot of things have gone down since my last post. The first one would have to be, well, a few hours after my last entry — New Year’s Eve!

We usually spend New Year’s Eve at home, since we don’t really like going out and being exposed to all the firework smoke. This year was a bit different, though, ’cause my mom and Kuya Jan weren’t around (mom had a flight to Los Angeles and Kuya was with his wife’s family). Father dearest took charge of media noche. Funny stuff. He was so into the whole thing, he bought so much kakanin – following the superstition: “Eat a native delicacy made from sticky rice to make good fortune stick in the new year.” Cray. Needless to say, when my mom arrived from LA and saw all the leftover kakanin, she was all, “Dad, that belief is sooo yesterday.” LOL.

Anyway, it was still fun. We (me, Papa, Kuya Alvin, and Ate Cindy) ate smoked fish and barbecued chicken while watching GMA’s lame New Year’s countdown on TV. When the clock struck twelve, we went out to enjoy the fireworks (shouting “TEN THOUSAND PESOS!” whenever pretty fireworks appeared, haha). We then went next door (to my aunt’s place) to celebrate with the father’s side of the fambam.

TAMI’S BACK! (leopard print girl, hee)

Guess what, you guise?! Tami came back to Manila (from Singapore) for the New Year’s weekend! I missed her sooooo much! We (PKFC) went out New Year’s Day and watched a movie together. It was still MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) week so we ended up watching Manila Kingpin. I have to admit, for a Filipino movie, it was pretty good (not that I’m saying our movies aren’t nice, but you have to admit that the commercial ones are usually lacking in depth and delivery). Anyhoo, the cinematography was nice and the action scenes weren’t as cheesy. Although there were also some scenes that made me go, “Huh, WTF was that for?” And WTH, Jorge Estregan with Carla Abellana. Ehh. But yeah, anyway, aside from those, it was still pretty cool.

My completely unrecognizable Navi Planner. XD LEFT: front cover design (zoom top & bottom) RIGHT: back design

The days leading to today were pretty productive as well. Been designing stuff (hello planner and new blog layout), enrolling to arts courses (WOOH!), meeting up with friends left and right and cooking up new stuff with them (check out one of our projects: Culture Crays, mine and Trish‘s culture/arts/lifestyle blog!). I’m so excited for the future! 🙂

Oh, and the world’s not ending. Let Charlie McDonnell break it down for you:

How has your 2012 been so far? Leave me a comment below (even just to say hi, hee)!

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