NETMARK Learning Journal 3

So that last outburst was an attempt at coming up with an entry with specific keywords (for search engine optimization). Not really sure if I did well, just that I wrote from the heart. What I can say, though, is that it was hard as f—orks! Not only because I didn’t really want to write about that topic and sound so dang negative, but also because it was hard to include all 9 keywords in one entry!

The thing about me is that I blog the way I talk. In a conversation, you don’t really think about what you want to say next, or even more so, you don’t normally think of specific (common) words to insert into your sentence unless it’s a proper noun… or you’re a socially awkward penguin. So that was hard. I can only imagine how my SEO writer friends do it. That’s probably why I can never do their job for a living. I have too much nonsensical words and side comments brewing inside of me that have to be let out, lest I will explode.



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