NETMARK Learning Journal 2

Our lesson last Wednesday was on the Digital Marketing Process. To be honest, all those terms and technicalities fried my brain on the spot. You see, I’ve always somewhat considered myself to be good at marketing things. Maybe because I majored in Psychology. Or maybe because I have a brother who’s a Marketing major slash Brand Equity Manager at some reputable company (and who sometimes uses me as guinea pig for his new campaigns). Either way, it’s been sort of second nature to me, so approaching it in this manner was a bit daunting.

Anyway, technicalities aside, I still learned a lot. Like:

  1. Marketing isn’t just bara-bara (rough translation: quick, instant), there’s a special sort of science behind it.  Turns out, I’ve barely even scratched the surface with my past social network pokpok-ations promotions.
  2. The process goes as follows: plan (determine your target), attract (message/ads), engage (keep the ball rolling, yo!), monetize (duh), optimize (improve and track your performance), and manage (keep the ball rolling in an organized manner, yo!).
  3. In digital marketing, the approaches are endless. But that doesn’t mean that  you should rely on online PR alone, because ultimately, you have to make a(n offline) connection with your customers. Nothing can ever beat  real-life interaction (trust me, I’m a Psych major, LOL).
  4. I don’t know chizz about Search Engine Optimization. Sure, I have the plugin and sure, I know the definition, but I don’t know how to do it (like, work with the keywords and stuff). Haha. Poor. But I will soon so pfft!
Aaaaand that’s all for today. To my Marketing major friends who are reading this and thinking, “Haha, WTF is this girl talking about,” I’m sorry. I’m from the College of Liberal Arts. I’m allergic to topics like this. LOL. But I hope I got it right? If not, you’re very much free to tell me off in the comment space provided below. XD

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