Music That Inspires

Okay. I will try to sound as non-fangirl-y as possible. Alright.

01. Have you seen their channel? They create “musical video experiments”. They have not yet uploaded anything not worth watching.

02. They live in New York and most of them are from Juilliard, if I’m not mistaken.

03. I think it’s unfair how they can play all those instruments and also have good singing voices. Seriously, guys? Stop talent-hoarding.

04. I want to see them perform live someday. I wish there was a way to find out when they’re out and about in NYC, that way I can totez stalk them.

05. Seriously still want to live in New York.

06. And marry a violinist. Haha.

07. How inspiring is it that the Bach jar got the most money? FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED, INDEED! We need more of this and less of the trash we hear on the radio.

08. I can’t put into words what I feel right now without abusing my keyboard or raping my caps lock button so I think I’ll end this here.


So much love for music in my heart right now. Overflowing. Sharing it with you guys before I explode. (Exaggerated? I think not!)

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