MUSIC MONDAY: Insta-Happy Music

Happy, poppy hipster music is what this entry’s all about, y’all! (Ugh, so many puns and allusions whirling in my head right now, I can’t even!)

Anyway, yes, you read right. I’m talking about happy (hipster) pop music today! I’ve recently gone ’round to listening to Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and One Direction’s new albums and they’ve all made me so happy, I’m writing this entry.

Taylor Swift – Red

Taylor Swift has done it again — come up with music that’s just so easy to relate to. When I say hipster, I only really mean Taylor and her hipster outfits and (surprisingly) hipster-sounding songs. The first track, State of Grace, is a clear example of this. When I first heard it, I was all, “WHAT? DID I CLICK THE RIGHT FOLDER?!” just ’cause it sounded so different, with an indie/alt rock kind of vibe (or I’ve been listening to too much 8tracks prior to this, haha). Anyway, it’s good, a welcome change; a kind of forewarning that this album’s going to be different, more mature. Which it is. Sort of.

This album is a blend of quirky, witty, sentimental, dramatic, and happy — so yes, the usual formula for a Taylor Swift album. Some themes are a bit mature this time around, though, like her song, Treacherous. I read a comment on YouTube saying something along the lines of “What is she trying to do? Alienate her fanbase?” I personally don’t think this is much of an issue, though, ’cause as Taylor grows up, her fanbase grows with her, so I don’t really see what the fuss is all about. Do you want her to write songs like a 15 year old forever?

Anyhooz, I also love her tracks with Ed Sheeran and the guy from Snow Patrol. I like that she collaborated with other singers in this album. That, sirs, is a sign of — wait for it — MATURITY! Hahahaha.

Favorite Tracks:
State Of Grace
I Knew You Were Trouble
I Almost Do
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Stay Stay Stay
The Last Time
Sad Beautiful Tragic
Everything Has Changed

One Direction – Take Me Home

“Sophomore Slump? B*tch, please.” That’s probably what the boys of 1D and their producers are thinking right now. LOL. But honestly, you can’t really have that when you have 5 gorgeous English boys (COUGAR ALERT!) signed with Simon Cowell, singing songs written by the likes of Ed Sheeran (man, this guy is everywhere!) and Kelly Clarkson. You can’t, you just can’t. And if you thought their first album was catchy, try listening to this one. It has just the right mix of happy, dance-y, punchy, and heartbreaking. I absolutely love Ed Sheeran’s songs in this one, too. They’re so Ed Sheeran-y. Whut. (But really, the songs could have easily been lifted off one of his albums.)

Favorite Tracks:
Live While We’re Young
Kiss You
Little Things
Heart Attack

I Would
Over Again

She’s Not Afraid
Still The One

P.S. The Fine Brothers over at YouTube released this video a few hours ago. Made me laugh so hard:

To answer one of the questions, I don’t think this generation will ever regret liking One Direction ’cause they’re basically, to them, what the Spice Girls/Backstreet Boys/N’Sync/Westlife were to us. These kids can act all hipster and say they’re “so over it” but I bet they’ve all secretly danced to 1D’s songs at least once in their lives. Haha.

Oh yeah, I also wouldn’t mind marrying Harry Styles. #CougarAlert :))

Justin Bieber – Believe

Well, someone has grown up. Har. And I’m sure somebody has mentioned this already, but JB sounds so much like JT in his single Boyfriend. (The similarities in both voice and name kind of scares me, haha!) Anyway, I like this album ’cause it makes me want to dance (REALLY?!) ORRRRR it reminds me of dancers and dance events I’ve been to with my best friend. Haha. But that’s basically it. I’m not really that into RnB. It depends. What I appreciate about Justin Bieber, though, is that he’s got natural talent. If you’ve seen his earlier videos on YouTube, you’d know he could really sing. Just that he’s also really obnoxious.


Favorite Tracks:
All Around The World
Catching Feelings

Thought Of You

Sooooo yeah, I’m a 24-year-old woman (?) who likes listening to tweenybopper music. I REGRET NOTHING. LOL. Sometimes all you need is (not-so) senseless bubblegum pop music to get you going. Taylor’s and 1D’s songs are good for roadtrips, JB’s for dancing, and 1D’s for summer parties or whatever, haha.

Any other happy pop music you would recommend I listen to?

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