MUSIC MONDAY: This Week’s Interesting Finds

My friends have been linking me to some awesome music-related YouTube videos lately. Here are a few of them for your viewing pleasure. 🙂

The collective unconscious at work! So freaking awesome!

I love this with so much passion! I checked out their other videos as well and they’re all too freakin’ spectacular. Sigh. My study-art-in-New-York dreams are all coming back to me now. I wish I could meet them in person.

Here’s another one-take-no-edits video, by Kurt Hugo Schneider this time, featuring Max Schneider and Victoria Justice. Check out this BTS footage as well:

I am always so amazed with things like this! I’m planning to make one for Video Editing class soon. 🙂

Anyway, Kurt also released another video recently of Max Schneider, with Liz Gillies (Jade from Victorious) this time. (What’s up with Kurt working with all these Nickelodeon stars lately? Hihi.) I love Liz’s voice here!

I’mma end this by pimping out my friends who are currently (or continuously) breaking into the local music scene.

First, there’s KA, who won the recently concluded MYX VJ Search 2012. She’s already the vocalist of the band AJKA (which is also composed of Pops people, booyah!) and now she’s adding MYX VJ to her list of credentials. Go congratulate her (if you haven’t already)!

Next, there’s Jeric, who got into X Factor Philippines. Be sure to support him! 😀 You can tweet him: @jericmedina. He claims to be a friendly person so he will probably reply. LOL.

Lastly, there’s Master JC, who recently joined a jazz competition. If you could take the time to visit this page (or click the image above), listen to his entry, and vote for him, that would be awesome sauce!

So there. Any other great links I need to know about? XD

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