Month In Review: June 2012

Half of 2012 is over and done with, can you believe it?! How have you fared so far with your resolutions and making 2012 your year? 

If you ask how I’ve been doing, I can say that I’ve been doing pretty dang well! I got to reread my year-end post last night and found that I got to execute my postscript: “… offer 2012 for the fulfillment of Your plans.” Been keen in updating my Facebook timeline with this year’s milestones and so far, it’s comprised of 1/5 fangirling, 2/5 arts & performing, and 2/5 spiritual growth. Puhhreety awesome!

June brought in a lot of new things and experiences. Let me share with you a couple of them. 🙂

Auditioned for Hongkong Disneyland – A friend of mine from PHP told me about this audition. Although I knew it was a long shot, I applied for it anyway. Mathew and I went together (we are now officially audition buddies!) and it was the funnest experience ever! The folks from Disney were so nice. 🙂

Le audition sheet!

Rewarding ourselves with ice cream post-audition! :)
Rewarding ourselves with ice cream post-audition! 🙂

Fused Friendship Circles – Haha, this isn’t really a big thing but it is something new. I got to have dinner with the wonderful people behind my birthday surprise. It was the best thing evarrr. 🙂

The Gansa girls :)
The Gansa girls 🙂

The noisy people at Agantea. Hihihi.
The noisy people at Agantea. Hihihi.

Video shoot for in-clinic video + Centennial Building inauguration – Ate Rona asked if we wanted to participate in an in-clinic video shoot. May TF. I said yes. LOL. Was with Mathew (again!), JL, KA, and Kuya Marti. It was fun and nerve-wracking at the same time, primarily because it was my first ever “acting” stint. XD


Mathew and I proceeded to Taft afterward. I went to DLSU to watch my cousin perform with HTG. Saw the Centennial Building. It looks ahmahzing (though also slightly out of place)! 🙂



My (brilliant!) drama queen of a cousin. Hee.

Heartfelt – My Pops-mate, BJ, organized a concert to raise funds for his bone marrow transplant. Trish and I were asked to man the booth for the event. It was my first time to do such a thing (’cause I’m usually the one performing [naks!]). It was fun and nerve-wracking as well ’cause we had to sell merch at the same time. IT IS SO HARD WORK TO TALK PEOPLE INTO BUYING STUFF THEY NORMALLY WOULDN’T WANT. LOL. But yeah, it was a fun learning experience. 🙂

With Trish and Piyarwormiez during soundcheck!

Pops people, yay! 😀

My fellow booth-manner! XD

We had fun stamping people whenever they went out to pee! XD

The Bloomfields

Ate Cess 🙂

Kuya Dong 🙂

Maan Corsame (I super love her stage presence!)

Bituin Escalante (Brilliant, like a star!)

Our Pops ates: Maan, Rona, and Kathy 🙂

All the performers (hi, JM!)

BJ and the performers 🙂

Yummy cupcakes by Ate Libay (Mommyluv’s Kitchen)

Photobooth c/o Shutterhappy Photography

And for the finale… – Kuya Jan and Ate Diane finally had their church wedding last Thursday! 🙂

What is this cuteness! (Sam the butterfly flower girl & Ate Shan :D)


Yay! 🙂

So bright and shiny! *_*

Amore! ♥

Photobooth, woohooz!

Other stuff  – I’ve recently downloaded Psych and Modern Family and I am FREAKING ADDICTED! I LOVE JAMES RODAY! I LOVE THE ENSEMBLE CAST OF MODERN FAMILY! Just. Guh. *holds in fangirling* I am so late, I can’t believe it. But I think it’s better this way so I can marathon them whenever I want. XD

Anyway, new month, new challenges and experiences, hopefully! 😀 I still need to work on my resolutions (exercising regularly, arriving to commitments on time, etc.) ’cause there are days that I get to do them and days that I don’t. I NEED FOCUS! Huhu! Can you please tell me something to get me motivated? I would really appreciate it! Also if you could suggest new TV series/movies to watch, that would be awesome! 😀

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