Katy Perry came to Manila last week for the final leg of her California Dreams Tour and thanks to Philippine Airlines, I got to watch her perform live (although definitely not up-close, lol).

I woke up that morning all lazy and meh, I really don’t want to go anymore. I wasn’t really a big fan of Katy; I didn’t think her voice was that good, plus the ticket I won was for a spot that was too far. I don’t really know what exactly pushed me to go that time but now that I think about it, maybe it’s because I made a pact with myself (with this blog as testimony!) to try out new things and “live life to the fullest”. And I mean, hello, what better way to do this than to throw yourself into a crowd of people smoking and shouting like there’s no tomorrow? Yup.

A lot of unfortunate events actually happened on my way to the venue. Like the world was telling me, “JUST GO HOME, ABBY!”

Things that happened:

– The driver of the tricycle I got on asked me to get off when I asked him to let other people ride with me. I was forced to pay the special trip fare. You’re such a douchebag, driver of ATODA 394.

– After getting my ticket at NAIA2, I rode a jeep to Baclaran (’cause it was the only one available). I figured it was going stop near the church and I could just get another jeep from there to MOA. Turns out, the stop was only a little past the bridge. I had to walk from there to Roxas Blvd. Just. What.

– The last meal I had was 6 hours prior so when I got to MOA, I was all, FOOOOOD! NAAAAOOO! Bought something from Okuya Food Express (at the Food Court). Regretted it SO MUCH. It only looked good in the pictures but when they served it. Meh. 1) Their chicken teriyaki looked like adobo and 2) they didn’t reheat their food. I asked the lady, “Di niyo po ba iinitin yan?” (Aren’t you going to reheat that?) She claimed it was still hot. Lies. It wasn’t. It really wasn’t.

Despite all these, though, I still went to the concert (obviously). I’d gone too far to even think of backing out. (I have to commend SM for over-promoting Katy. The mall only played KP songs the whole day; the record bar only played KP music videos. Nice.)

The view from where I was standing

Just when I thought the unfortunate events have ended, here comes Globe Telecom hindering me from contacting my best friend. We were supposed to meet up and watch together (since we had the same tickets) but we ended up not seeing each other at all due to the network jam.

Oh, and Katy’s concert started at 10PM (t’was supposed to be at 8PM). Just. WHY.

When the show started, though, my nega vibes started ebbing away and I found myself enjoying the show very much. I loved the Pushing Daisies-like storytelling and stage design; the crazy, colorful costumes (and costume changes!). I loved just how cute — nay, GORGEOUS — Katy Perry was. AND HER VOICE. OMG. It’s way better live! I so did not expect that! (Sorry!)

Don’t even get me started about the hot scene between her and Ivan Dorschner. Haha.

This made me cry. Russell Brand, you douchebag.

I loved how the concert was so precise — the 1 hour 30 minute show was short but had high entertainment value. Definitely worth going through all those bad vibes earlier. Haha. I think I’ve been converted, actually. Wooh, #KatyCats! :))

By the way, my best friend Nica made a spot-on review of the concert over at our culture blog. Go check it out! 😀

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